Debbie Wasserman Schultz Calls Out Southwest Ranches Mayor for Silence on Detention Center

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We reported last week from the scene of a Southwest Ranches town hall meeting where so many people showed up to protest a proposed immigrant detention pen that BSO deputies just started blocking people from entering the council chambers, citing fire code.

The detention center wasn't on the agenda -- it's been in the works for years now -- and it was mentioned on the record by only a few activists who made it in for the public-comment period. A few weeks earlier, Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff made a few heads spin with his comment that a "cone of silence" existed over the issue of the detention center, because Homeland Security and the prison contractor "asked" council members not to talk about it.

Well, pissed-off residents have gone to what may be their last resort: local congressional representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And she sent a letter to Mayor Jeff Nelson, rebuking him for the perceived lack of transparency.

Wasserman Schultz had previously signed a letter in support of the detention center, much to the ire of her Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines constituents who say "Not in my backyard" (that's actually a sign that some of them have held up at rallies). But when the accusations of silence and mystery start flying? Now that's something even a heavily funded, consensus-building congresswoman can take a stand against.

Hours before the town council meeting on Thursday night, Mayor Nelson apparently had a phone conversation with Wasserman Schultz. We don't know what was said, but you can get some idea from her follow-up letter:


Residents are still trying to finalize a proposed meeting at Wasserman Schultz's Pembroke Pines office with her aide, Jodi, and a representative from ICE.

But ICE, as a federal agency, isn't in the habit of sending out public-relations envoys for coffee and cake. That's what a Pembroke Pines city commissioner, Angelo Castillo, recently learned on a trip to D.C. to meet about the center with Ann Steel, deputy assistant director for congressional, local, and Indian affairs for ICE. In a letter to a resident, he wrote:

She said that ICE rarely meets with residents in the setting that I requested. However, at my request, she is presenting my request to her superiors and legal counsel for review and promised to get back to me with a response in writing in early November.

Castillo also reported that Steel claimed no knowledge of a request from Homeland Security for the "cone of silence" referenced by Poliakoff... leading residents to think that the request came solely from the prison contractor, Corrections Corporation of America.

More updates as we have them.

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There should be no detention center, as it is not needed . These criminals should be removed the day they are caught, shot on site, or given a cyanide pill.    No need to house feed and care for these criminals--only a hole in the ground is needed.

The criminals in the Federal Government, like Eric holder, Janet Napalitano, and Obama,  who fail to enforce immigration  law under the constitution should be impeached.   These Communists are enablers and act as hosts to the illegal criminals;

Illegals are criminals.  Criminals are to be dealt with under the law.  A lawless society is a criminal society.  Therefore Obama is the president of a criminal society, quite fitting for him, as he is a communist and subversive thug.

Our local representatives in Washington, the Communists Wasserman Schultz and Bill Nelson must removed from office.  These Marxist followers have penned their names in support of this facility, the  largest prison of is kind to be built next to homes, schools, and parks in the Pembroke Pines/SW Ranches communities.If Washington did its job and these two elected representatives did theirs, their would be no need for a prison of this kind, because their would be no illegals in this country.  The Democrats (Communists) have hijacked the Constitution and willingly refuse to enforce standing federal immigration law.Nelson and Wasserman Schultz do not care about the residents that are impacted by this prison as they are going to make millions in graft and payoffs for insuring this unneeded prison is built in our front yards.

Next is the criminals in the SW Ranches city Government, who planned this under our noses.  This was done secretly. as they too will make millions in paybacks and graft for facilitating the placement of this prison in our front yards.  These demented city leaders must be recalled, tarred and feathered.  I suspect they have violated state and federal law in their underhanded dealings with the prison owners.  This suspicion demands a full criminal investigation be conducted by the Florida AG office.   Every crook has his day.  The SW Ranches Mayor and City Manager have betrayed the citizens of this rural community.   They are now on notice.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz receives donations from CCA.  That's why she supports the detention center but now she wants to look like the one doing something for the community by pulling Mr Nelson ear in public with this letter.  


Did you take your meds today?

Stefan Kamph
Stefan Kamph

I linked to that very article in the post above. Thanks for reading!


In fact I did. Looks like I touched a nerve, by your comment. That's good, as I try to stimulate a deep analysis into what I said. Your feedback is most appreciated, and will be used in a study I am conducting. Have a pleasant day.


Jodi, I see you are deeply concerned about the environment as we all should be .why don't you join the Sierra Club of Broward county and with your energy help us to defeat this project.Tanya

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