Cynthia Castoro Tried to Deny Killing Two Men With a Car, Despite the Flesh in Her Windshield

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Cynthia Castoro
It's hard to deny you just ran over three construction workers with your car -- killing two of them -- while you're driving drunk and high, especially when their blood, flesh, and pieces of their orange vests are embedded into your windshield.

Cynthia Gail Castoro, 42, did just that. She's going to prison for a while.

Castoro pleaded guilty to two counts of DUI manslaughter and two other charges more than two years after running the men over and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

According to the arrest report from Jupiter police, the cops arrived to the scene of three construction workers who had been run over a little after midnight on June 26, 2009.

Two of the men were already dead, and the third man was transported to a nearby hospital with "serious bodily injuries."

There were two cars involved in the crash, police say, and they were found on a grass median on State Route 811. One of the cars had human blood, flesh, and fluorescent traffic vest fibers embedded in the windshield.

Police asked the driver of one vehicle what happened, and he told the cops he had just passed the construction workers when he was rear-ended by Castoro, so they went to ask her what happened.

Castoro told the cops she had just dropped off her friend after they attended a birthday party, and when police asked her if she was driving north, she replied, "Apparently, because I hit him."

That's when the cops noted she smelled like alcohol, was slurring her speech, and had a urine stain around her crotch area.

Castoro proceeded to tell police that she had two glasses of wine and that she hit the man's car. When asked if she had hit anything else, she told the cops, "No, no."

After reading Castoro her Miranda rights, police say they had the following conversation with her:

We advised Castoro that prior to hitting the car, she hit a couple of people, and they were dead. She immediately said, I did not!

Police arrested Castoro and drew a couple vials of blood just before 2:30 a.m. that later returned with a blood-alcohol content of .235. There was also around 10 nanograms of THC per milliliter in her blood, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines as a "significant" concentration.

Castoro received a 20-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the two counts of DUI manslaughter as well as a five-year sentence that will run concurrently for a DUI causing serious bodily injury.

She was also sentenced to one year in the Palm Beach County Jail for injuries sustained by the man she rear-ended but was granted time served, according to the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office.

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@guestThe account was not as horrible as being thrown into the experience because one is related.  The devastation is still being felt by all the people that loved the injured and the dead!  There is no way to "nicely" put the facts.  The fact is that Cynthia Castoro chose to "go out and party" making certain that she was not sober or even close to it, put herself behind the wheel of a car and take the chance that she could get herself to and from the party without hurting anyone.  One does not spend hours smoking joints or drinking to excess then flip a bodily switch that takes the hours of drinking and drugging back, turn off the effects of becoming excessively drunk and high, and make one able to drive soberly and safely home.  Castoro also didn't care anything for the people she was bound to encounter as she drove, because she chose to put them all at risk without their consent insuring that they would NOT be able to return home in one piece.  Cynthia is probably a nice person WHEN SHE IS SOBER!  Obviously, under the influence is a different story.  She was unable to be truthful, take responsibility for her actions, attend to her bodily needs or be thoughtful of those she put at risk.  This wasn't a casual drinker or first time user of marijuana.  This wasn't an "uh oh", I'm inexperienced at drinking and drugging and just went a little bit too far!  This is someone who knowingly and purposefully spent her entire day preparing for the party with her friends and her gift to them was to become so under the influence that no one could hold a conversation with her, depend upon her to be able to get up to use the bathroom privately or consider others.

As was put in one of the victim's family member's Christmas 2013 newsletter:

"... Not sure that any of us will ever fully recover from such a tragedy.  For each of us dealing with grief was different, and for all of us it was hard.  Navigating through the last years [4 1/2 at the time of this writing] of a "new normal" was and is still difficult - thoughts, memories come up, visions of a life past at the most unexpected times - it never really goes away.  ... Accepting what happened?  Do you have a choice?  ... So many tough challenges since 2009 - too numerous to list, and happy occasions that provide some joy but always with a cloud and obvious questions:  Why? ..."

It was tough being in the courtroom at sentencing.  Attendees had to watch the video of Castoro taken at the scene and started shortly after the accident when the police realized the reason that the "accident" occurred!  Can you really call what happened an accident by the way?  Castoro knowingly and intentionally chose to compromise her sober self. It was tough to realize that she thought that she could "make a film" about being DUI (definitely not mentioning her own name) and just get 4-6 years for her "accident" as if that would make up to the families of the dead, or the loss of job and income and the facing of lifelong continuous medical care for a third person. 

Loved ones of the families have already encountered Castoro's family members socially and been confronted with the fact that some of them are making light of Castoro's decisions that night, despite the amount of devastation!

It was hard sitting in that courtroom and watching Castoro have an opportunity to say goodbye to family members when the victim's families didn't have that same opportunity ... and be forced to witness their grief and loss.  The perpetrator's family members had time to prepare for that moment when the victims' family members did not.  

Oh if the experience wasn't enough, the victim's families by the way never know when they are going to be contacted by the perpetrator's family members pleading for leniency and influence of the judge's sentencing for their loved one.


Wonderful is not the word i would use to describe a person who drives while drunk and high whose actions took the lives of two "truly wonderful" men!


What a horrible article. Cynthia is a wonderful woman who made a terrible mistake.  May God have mercy on you and all of us.


Dumb bitch. Shit can happen in the blink of an eye. She facilitated her own fate. God bless the men who were hit and their families. Rest in peace to the two men who lost their lives in such a stupid senseless way.

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