Casey Anthony Jailhouse Video Released, and It's a Letdown

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Orange County Sheriff's Office
Casey Anthony
The long-anticipated Casey Anthony jailhouse video -- which was deemed too "inflammatory" to be released before her trial was over -- has finally been released by the Orange County State Attorney's Office.

Now, this highly controversial tape shows Anthony hearing reports that the remains of her daughter, Caylee, had been found and the reaction that was held back from the public over fears it would impede her right to a fair trial.

What exactly is so "inflammatory" about the video -- which you can find after the jump -- is a little hard to decipher.

In the convenience-store-quality footage -- which doesn't include audio -- you can see Anthony put her head down and rock back and forth for a bit.

Then she sits there and appears to breathe heavily before going back to the rocking motions.

Regardless, here's the video, which was apparently too hot for the public to handle:

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crabby patty
crabby patty

She was NEVER told it was Caylee!  What she WAS told was that the remains of what  "appeared" to be that of a small child had been found in a wooded area off of Suburban drive. It was the fact that she reacted to WHERE the remains had been found.  Only she (Casey) knew where she had "dumped" her child, so the fact that she responded at all, was an indication that something was amiss. REMEMBER - she never had any response at all when Leonard Padilla searched in Blanchard park and found what was "thought" to be fragments of bone.


It was important at the time because Casey claimed that Caylee was alive and she didn't know she was dead. This would have proven in court that not only did she know Caylee was dead but that she knew where the body was. We now know that yes, Casey knew she was dead and where her body was. At the time it was a huge deal. If you weren't following the case, as you clearly sound like you weren't due to your misspelling of Caylee's name, then you have no right to say it was a "let down".


Cannot believe you misspelled 'Caylee' unprofessional....poor writer.

Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce

First, it's "Caylee." Spelling her name wrong immediately shows a disconnect, which is further exhibited by the statement that she was told her child's remains had been found. Wrong. She was shown a child's remains had been found. Not Caylee's. At the moment this video was filmed, they knew it was the bones of a young child. Possibly male. Gender and age were not released.  Sure, one can hypothesize that the remains being off Suburban was a clue, but not enough for Casey to immediately yell for her attorney.

Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

Your Kobe's mom?  The dude that got away with rape?  you must be so proud.

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