Chaz Stevens Invites Allen West to "Root Beer Summit" Over Deerfield's Housing Authority

Several months ago, Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland announced she was getting rid of the entire board of commissioners from the city's housing authority.

Over concerns that federal taxpayer coin was being wasted in the housing authority, Rep. Allen West hopped on the case and asked the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General to come investigate. HUD is in town looking into the agency, but Noland has failed to follow through on the removal of the board.

That, among a few more possible legal violations alleged against the agency, has led activist Chaz Stevens to invite West to an official "Root Beer Summit."

"Obama had his beer summit," Stevens writes on his website. "I asked Allen West to come have a Root Beer Summit with me."

That he did:

Not willing to leave well enough alone, returning back to your well of help, thankful for your previous assistance, and knowing yours to be a crucial voice in my fight for a better community, I invite you to a Root Beer Summit where over cold mugs of A&W a cordial chat can take place about Deerfield's systemic problems of political corruption, the challenged ethics of our elected local leaders, and possible ways out of this morass.

West's letter to HUD OIG included a request that they look into "allegations of criminal conduct that may involve nepotism, bid rigging and procurement violations" -- one of which Stevens would like to discuss with him.

In a recent complaint filed with the Broward State Attorney's Office, Stevens claims a
Deerfield Beach Housing Authority fee architect named Kimberly Dellastatious awarded a no-bid contract to her husband's construction company.

Florida law requires the authority to go through a "competitive procurement" for service or commodity contracts larger than $25,000.

Stevens alleges there was no formal bid process, no quotes were received, and Dellastatious' husband was awarded a contract worth just over $40,000 -- which also includes a 7 percent commission payment to Dellastatious for successfully completing the bid.

In Stevens' letter to West, he also involves the housing authority's executive director, Pamela Davis, in the aforementioned allegation, alleging she lied to the agency's board of commissioners on several occasions.

Newly appointed housing authority Commissioner Michael Weiss wrote about the alleged violation in an email to the agency's members and members of the media, claiming, "The Procurement Corrective Action Plan submitted to the DBHA Board by ED Pam Davis in February, 2010 fails to inform the Board that a relationship existed between the parties."

Weiss has been attempting to get Davis to answer a specific series of questions about the procurement policy since he became one of the agency's commissioners. She has yet to respond to any of them.

The issue with Dellastatious is just a small part of the concerns Weiss raised when the board was informed HUD OIG was coming to town, as you can read here.

Click here to read the letter to West inviting him to the "Root Beer Summit."

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Great...... We get the continuation of the Chaz and Cody Show. From the self promotion to the inaccuracies, they both seem to say quite a bit. We get it. Trust me. I for one am tired reading your insults of each other day in and day out. Friggin move on (it's been almost a year)...... It has become tiresome and repetitive. Feel free to bash me in an email(same name @ gmail) so not to clog up this blog with your drivel. Thanks for reading.


Great..... We get to have more comments from the Chaz and Cody Show. We get self-promtion and incorrect information from the both of them convienietly all in one blog thread. Seriously, could you both just stop flooding this board with your personal attacks (that have lasted almost a year) and stay relevant. It has grown tiresome.

David Cody
David Cody

Mr. Hendley is this news?  Do you think last year on September 29, 2010 the OIG completed there audit and investigation into the City of Deerfield Beach Community Development Department and made theirrecommendation that the City of Deerfield Beach should pay back about $400,000.00 to HUD.  In Feb of 2011 HUD agreed with the OIG and the City became liable to repaying back the HUD funds, which an agreement was reached so those funds would actually stay in the City.  

Now April 12, 2011 the OIG completed there audit and investigation into the City of Deerfield Beach, the objective of which was to determine if the City of Deerfield Beach accounted for and expended Federal Emergency Management Agency Funds totalling 13.9 million dollars in accordance with Federal and FEMA guidelines.  The OIG made their recommendation to FEMA that the City of Deerfield Beach submitted charges that were ineligible and should payback to FEMA almost $4 million dollars. 

(If you haven't read or heard about the report you can read about here at http://myperspectiveis.blogspo...

Now, this is news to everyone because your blog, Chaz's blog, all the news media in town did not and have not covered this.  Yet, you covered the same story for the OIG HUD audit, why the hypocrisy and secrecy of this report.  What else is being hidden from the public?

Does your blog not consider this bit of information news?  No matter the outcome of this Homeland Security OIG FEMA Audit DA-11-13, which can be found at, the citizens have the right to know about this as this does potentially could affect all residents of Deerfield Beach.

So for the City Manager, Burgess Hanson, to insist that nothing be reported about this and no information be given out about this until its conclusion and they have found a way to "spin" it should be considered a direct violation of the "Freedom of Information Act" and Florida's Sunshine Law.  For your publication to assist him and the City of Deerfield Beach Commissioners and staff with hiding this from the public (as many of the publications are aware and it was recently discussed at the City Commission Meeting Oct 4 to "quell rumors") Is unconscionable and makes me question the journalistic integrity of all of these so-called journalist in and about Deerfield Beach that are paid to report the news and keep teh residents and readers informed of news.

Well, this story is news and yet you are pandering to Chaz Stevens about a request for "root beer social", PLEASSSSSSE!!!

The mere fact that Allen West is was so concerned about nepotism, bid riggering, and other and yet has said and did nothing about the facts derived from this cleverly hidden FEMA audit is beyond me.  Or the fact that the Deerfield Beach City Mayor made several "Conflict of Interest votes" related to benefits, retirements and others concerning the now "SOLD" Deerfield Beach Fire Department that directly gave here husband and son a "Special financial gain" is down right suspicious.  

The mere fact that none of this information is given any weight, investigation, or news coverage by yours and many of the other publications supposedly serving our fair Hamlet of Deerfield Beach, brings up many implications in my mind and seems very suspicious as well.

What do you guys think?

David Cody
David Cody

@215795358f71ba8f12c924a425bb4b9f:disqus I'm not sure what you are reading, but at no point in this entire thread did I bash, name call, or say anything negative about Chaz's personality, character, or appearance.  I even gave him a compliment.

If you are speaking about the comment I made about Chaz and his imaginings, that was not bashing.  Simply stating the truth because I have not once supported pedophilia, as he claims, and I never will.

So, I would just like to know where you saw these back and forth insults.I rarely comment on other blogs, so again, where are you seeing a back and forth of insults between Chaz and I "day in and day out".  It's pretty one-sided.

Also,can you please point out what inaccurate information I provided here???  

Like I said, I rarely comment on these things and I "self-promote" as you say so people can read another perspective of what is being reported.  I don't get paid, I don't solicit, and I don't get anything from people going to my blog.  I just want people to have all the facts and information that's out there.  If you don't like it then you don't have to read it, that's the beauty of freedom of choice, expression, and speech.  I provide the links to anything I am discussing when it's available online or I'll post the document itself, so people can make up their own minds.  What is wrong with that? 

The one thing I can say about Chaz is that he doesn't use anonymous posting to sling his arrows at people or at least I am not aware of it.  

So you have my email address, if you have a problem with me, my comments, or my perspective, then please address it with me.  I love constructive criticism because it only makes me a better person.

So, I have said what I have to say on this matter and we can agree to disagree from this point forward.  You have my email address, if you feel that seriously about it then email me and show me recent proof that supports your accusations.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

First of all, it's not be a year.  Cody came on the scene when I send his Auntie to jail early spring.

Next, do me a favor.  Eat me.


Agreed David, this is non-news.  A local loose cannon requests a "summit" with a sitting congressmen.  What's the news in that? Our representatives get these sorts of request letters from the aluminum foil crowd all the time.  And these "quirky"  employment challenged people often cc the news media.

West may be inexperienced and may go off  on a tangent now and then, but there is NO WAY that  he would ever be naive and dumb enough to sit down with this malicious off the wall blogging character for any reason.  Nothing to gain, and lots to lose, so it would never happen.

I'm sending a letter to Rick Scott inviting him to a full moon BBQ and alien abduction preparation summit at my house.  Why don't you blog about that, Mathew?

Keep up the excellent work David.  Its wonderful to see a young person get so involved with efforts  to effect positive change in their community.  David, you and your efforts are worth about 10,000 of those "occupy" protesters.



Way too many grammatical errors, misspellings and examples of poor sentence structure.

I will not go down to posterity talking bad grammar.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

David: The first part you mention was well before I arrived here. You're asking what the point is about Chaz inviting West to this thing isn't the fact that he invited, when you say it down below -- he hasn't really intervened in the alleged waste of federal funds in the city. He, as well as other people, like to make it appear as if they're doing something, but haven't followed through to fix any problems.


Again I said almost. I find it hilarious that you seem to dish it out but rarely take it (and I am sure you'll find some sexual reference to come back at me). Just like when you called me a leprechaun for me being jealous of you when I called you out earlier for being self-promotional on a Sun-Sentinel Blog......and for your last comment I'd like a meal and not a snack.

David Cody
David Cody

You are right about that Matt...Allen West and others make the claim(s) and haven't helped situation or anyone, except themselves.  That is why I am supporting Patrick Erin Murphy against Allen during his re-election and I will be supporting any new comers in the next election cycle because these career politicians and many of these two and three term politicians need to realize that they work for us and not the corporations and developers.  GOP'ers and Democrats alike have forgotten the that most important part of a Democracy is the "People".  I think the "People" have forgotten that too and have allowed the corporations to usurp our democratic power.  It's time "we" take it back!

Anyway, The point I was making in my original post is that for the HUD audit the people were inundated with information, stories, accusations, and details about it at the same stage that we are in now with the FEMA audit and yet the "People" have not heard a pip about this, which concerns me and many other people.

It is obvious that Chaz is not concerned because he wants us to focus on his witchhunt over at the DBHA, but I can tell you that in every post that he has placing an accusation on Pam Davis's head, if the truth be told, you could probably substitute the name of Peggy Noland and the same would be true.

Heck, he did, but something has happened and stopped pursuing the real problems and are now focusing on these red herring problems.  It is obvious to anyone who ever picked up a paper about Deerfield Beach that corruption has weeded its way into our City and its government.  It will continue to grow unless we attack the weed at its root, right now Chaz is only chopping at, possibly, one of the weeds flowers and has turned his attention away from its roots and wants all of us to do the same thing.  He is frustrated because many of us are trying to continue attacking it at its roots. Well, the thing about roots are they are very stubborn and will not go easily, as evident by the hostile fight the City Manager and staff are putting up with regard to not only the referendum, which at its core  is only a request that the "elected elitist" or City Commissioners listen to the "People" they were sworn to protect, but also the publishing of information related to this OIG FEMA audit, which if you think about it is similar to a post right here in the new times from last year entitled HUD Sucker Proxy:Deerfield Officials reveal past violations


In this post by Thomas Francis on this very blog he indicated and provided the proof that City Officials were even then hiding information from the public.  So you would think that given this City's history as reported by the New Times this current predicament would have some red flags for you guys, like it has for me and many others.  Yet, all we get are excuses and accusations as why none of the elected officials, City Manager and Staff and news publications are  watching out for the public trust and reporting this information to keep us informed.  

Heck, the only people actually reporting keeping the public abreast of City information and uncovering scandal seems to be the public, even dare I say Chaz Stevens gets more credit than many of these Media journalist, which I am about to start calling you guys "News Media Sensationalist" instead of News Media journalist.

Matt, I read your stuff all the time and think you do a great job, but given this situation I just could not remain silent any longer.  

Answers, "We the People" need answers??  Instead we are only getting more questions.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


Let me address two of your points.

First, about the notion about getting things done. Here in town, there's a segment of the population who prides themselves on "attending meetings", as if a perfect attendance imbues them with a sense of gravitas. It doesn't. All they do is yack yack yack... And that does what exactly?

Doing on the other hand makes all the difference.

I, on the other hand, am a man of action. Some people like to read Penthouse Forum letters, I end up fucking the prom queen ... and her sister.

That's the reason why Tom Francis made me the 2010 New Times Activist of the year. From little issues (stopping the city's long standing tradition of handing out cash with no strings attached) to mid-sized issues (helping end the Mango Festival) to large problems (three elected officials in jail), my track record is unmatched. And if I help nuke the DBHA, I am forever in a class of my own.

As to David Cody, allow me to say this...

Imagine that you turned on the TV to find a breaking story coming out of Deerfield Beach City Hall where you learned an armed assailant, dressed in a TeleTubby costume, was holding many hostages at gun point.

Well, good chum, it would not surprise anyone here in Deerfield to have that really happen in life. In fact, I'd lay 50/50 odds it will happen and dressed up in that TeleTubby costume (the gay one of course, not that there is anything wrong with that), would be Candidate David Cody.

Cody, a nephew of Sylvia Poitier, set a record here in the past election by garnering ONLY ONE VOTE. For a point of reference, Cody's parents (two of them) live in Deerfield and are eligible to vote. Making one wonder, how do you only get one vote? How deep in the retard gene pool do you have to be?

Then again, perhaps his family experienced the same utter disgust as many here when we considered Cody wanted to allow convicted sexual predators the right to coach in our youth summer sports leagues. Or maybe there was some revultion over Cody's threats to the very same Congressman listed in this article. Or maybe, everyone's starting to realize that Cody is bat shit mad.

To this point about the $4M em, it is not a problem. It is a problem only to Cody and his dance partner, a dude by the name of Fuckton. The reason why no one wrote about it was because it was *not a story*.

The FEMA audit was procedurally triggered due to the spending limits -- any city that received awards in excess of $10M were reviewed. The FEMA audit is auditing itself. FEMA is not auditing the city.

However, HUD OIG is auditing the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority. HUD audited the DBHA. The HUD OIG audited the City's internal housing department (where one staffer was kin to both Poitier and Cody) and found lots of problems. The Kessler review found that Poitier stole 225 gallons of paint.

Two OIG audits and a HUD audit -- all thanks to yours truly. That's why I am the likely frontrunner for the 2012 NewTimes Activist of the Year.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so happy and jealous you get to have some root beer with West. Let me know when you have been with someone who actually matters. And obviously you took some umbrage with that fact since you commented back with your leprechaun comment. But I wonder why no witty banter back after my comment towards yours? Your words, threats, writings that you ride your bike and in your bag is your little beretta, do not scare me, for you see I know that you're just a little man who needs to be propped up (by mostly of your own doing) to feel like you have actually accomplished something. You act like you're the second coming of Larry Flynt and Moses, but you sir are just a played out tune which can be found on the golden oldies station on AM radio. Have a pleasant day.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Do you really think I am assuaged by your comments... Ask anyone that knows me -- they'll tell you I am a media whore...

But then again, who cares.  I'll end up sitting down with a member of Congress and you'll continue to whine...

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

How about we start with something like you grasping the difference between "there" and "their" ... why you are at it, toss in "its" v. "it's", "your/you're".

And for good measure, try the single apostrophe.  That little guy will add wonders to your writing.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to finally graduate from that mail in diploma mill, better known as Kaiser.

David Cody
David Cody

No Matter how you, Chaz, and your City Accomplices, Burgess Hanson, Bill Ganz, and Peggy Noland spin it.  the fact is the OIG FEMA audit is "NEWS" that "WE" the public should have been informed about, especially considering the fact that we just ended a budget session where the citizens were asked to chip in more sheckles for City coffers, which are under the same management as the individuals who may or may not have created this whole $4 million dollar all to do about nothing as you have stated.rIn a few weeks we will see what the City has to pay or not pay and then we can all be surprised at the "News" of that.   

r"We the People" deserve and have the right to know any and everything that is going on within our City.  To withhold and not make public, public records or public audits that affect the public is inscrutable and any City Manager or Commissioner that would be party to such, should be immediately asked to resign and/or fired because this is again, no matter how you spin it a matter of public interest and to hide it is a breach of the public trust, which should not be tolerated.  POINT BLANK!!!

So your name calling and the publishing of inaccurate post that are not based in our reality, but instead are fabrications of your subconsciousness with the help of Bill Ganz, Burgess Hanson, Keven Klopp, Peggy Noland, Ada Graham Johnson, Allen West, and any other individual who is working in collusion with you on this cover up and clean up job that you are now doing in regard to the public's interest with this FEMA Audit and only God knows what else within this City is being shrouded in secrecy.

A full investigation needs to be conducted into the management or mis-management of Deerfield Beach before our Commissioners are telling us we bankrupt, like Lauderdale Lakes and they relied on the recommendations by a City Manager with no experience or education in Public Administration and Management.  

Also, those allegations that you used to make about Peggy Noland and her part in Deerfield's infamous Nepotism schemes, bid-rigging, and "Conflict of Interest" scandals involving her husband and son, who are both Deerfield Beach firefighters, well BSO Fire now, that no one seems to care about.

Matt maybe since you are new you should research the past of this City and see what you come with and do a story about that.  My blog has a lot of great leads from "My Perspective" for a real journalist, interested in uncovering the truth, to pick up on and bring to light.  Think about it!

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