411-PAIN Clinics Donate Generously to Merick Lewin's Campaign

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All in the family.
Chiropractors, physicians, and medical clinics have donated a third of state House candidate Merick Lewin's campaign contributions so far, and many donors are members of the 1-800 411-PAIN Referral Service owned by Lewin's family.

Lewin, a Republican candidate from Davie, told New Times he did not want to be judged by his "familial relationships" -- namely, his uncle Harley Lewin's co-ownership of 411-PAIN. The well-known referral service has recently been the subject of a class-action lawsuit and a civil investigation by Florida's attorney general.

Yet Lewin's campaign shows a strong influence from the family business. He has collected at least $21,800 from chiropractors, doctors, and medical clinics. Donors include:

-- Barry Raxenberg, a Palm Beach chiropractor who is part of the 411-PAIN network and has publicly praised the referral service.

-- Broward Rehabilitation Center, a Lauderdale Lakes chiropractic clinic co-owned by Harley Lewin and his twin brother, Robert. Merick Lewin was a lobbyist for Broward Rehab in Tallahassee last year.

-- Dade Injury Rehabilitation, a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Robert and Harley Lewin.

-- Hollywood Injury Rehab Center, a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Robert and Harley Lewin.

-- Injury Centers of Central Tampa, a 411-PAIN Clinic co-owned by Robert Lewin.

-- Injury Centers of North Tampa, a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Robert Lewin.

-- Jacksonville Injury & Rehab, a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Robert Lewin.

-- Metro Injury & Rehab Center (Aventura), a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Harley and Robert Lewin.

-- Pines Injury Center, a 411-PAIN clinic co-owned by Robert and Harley Lewin.

-- Polo Medical Center North, a 411-PAIN clinic whose president is Raxenberg.

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Pissed off? Call your Republican committee members and tell them to stop stumping for this RINO whose in bed with trial lawyers. Tell DiNapoli to support Lynn Simon the real Republican!!!


what the hell it this?.......BULL SHIT WALKS & MONEY TALKS!  this is what you call 'white collar crime'SOMEONE NEED TO STOP THIS MESS!!!


Auto insurance premiums are rising because of special interests like Mr Lewin. His family's business is the only reason why he is running for State representative. 911 Pain acts as a referal business to prey on those who have suffered an accident and claims to asssist those with a PIP claim when they are already entitled to those benefit regardless of fault.Mr Lewin represents everthing that is wrong in Tallahasse. Electing him secures two things. Rise in auto insurance fraud and rise of auto insurance premiums. And he knows it!!!

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