.xxx Domain Names Will Soon Be Available for That Porn Website You've Always Wanted

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You know that porn website you always wanted to start? Yes, the one with the 7-foot-tall women and the action figures. Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer to register for the .xxx domain on it, since the company is allowing only preexisting porn sites to register for now.

ICM Registry, the Palm Beach Gardens-based company that's selling the domains, officially started taking applications yesterday for people to purchase their own domain names with the .xxx ending, but you need a "subsisting trade or service mark registration of national effect" to register.

Starting on December 6, however, the remaining .xxx names are up for grabs.

In what the company is calling a "responsible approach to adult content," you can either purchase the domain to host your own pornorific stuff or to defend your names or brands from becoming .xxx sites.

Each .xxx site will be scanned daily by McAfee for malware, according to the company, and the sites will also provide tools for people to control or block access to the websites with the .xxx domain.

Here's what ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley had to say about the .xxx domains in a statement from the company:

We believe .XXX creates a "win, win, win" situation, with benefits for consumers of adult material, for adult entertainment providers and for those wishing to avoid adult content. With all the sites malware scanned daily and properly labeled, it's a win for consumers of adult content who are now able to identify and select the sites they wish to visit more easily and safely. It is also a win for the adult entertainment industry as .XXX helps to ensure that responsible adult content is easily identified online, leading to greater and more predictable revenues. And finally it's a win for those who want to avoid adult content online, with internet users in no doubt about the underlying content of the sites and having the tools to help avoid them.

The company is rolling out the domains in three stages, the first of which ends October 28. That time period is for existing porn companies and brand owners to either opt in or block their names from use.

For 17 days after October 28, the company will go into what it's calling a "land rush" phase, which allows businesses to buy the .xxx domain names that haven't been taken during the initial phase.

On December 6, the floodgates open for just about anyone to register for his or her .xxx site.

If you need more information on how this whole process works, click here to check out ICM Registry's video on the matter.

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