TSA Agent Accused of Stealing Rick Case's Pen Wants a Trial

Toussain Puddie
"I don't feel like I did anything wrong," maintains Toussain Puddie, the 30-year-old former TSA screener who took home Rick Case's pen and now faces grand-theft charges at the behest of Case and his family.

After our coverage of Puddie and his lawyer preparing to face the heavy charges, the State Attorney's Office offered Puddie "pretrial intervention," says his lawyer, Leland Garvin.

That would have let him off the hook with a clear record, except he'd have to serve probation. Also, he would need to send Rick Case a letter of apology and sign a document saying that he took the pen with intent to deprive Case of his property.

"I just didn't agree with admitting to [that]," says Puddie.

Garvin says he counseled Puddie that if the case proceeds to trial, "the way we're going, nothing is guaranteed." Some past actions or words might get dug up by prosecutors. Fellow employees might offer negative testimony. Nobody knows until the trial.

Still, Garvin is moving forward. He plans to file a request for discovery this week, which would require the state to turn over all the evidence it's collected against Puddie within 15 days. Garvin also plans to call in Rick Case, "and everybody," for a deposition.

Garvin hasn't spoken much with Puddie about trying to get his old job back -- though Puddie says he'd be happy to take the job, or other government work, if his name is cleared.

In the meantime, Puddie is at home, doing work on a Caribbean entertainment website and selling air fresheners part-time. "That also weighed on my decision [to pursue a trial]," he says. "I haven't been able to find work." It's hard to do that when you're an alleged felon, even if you say you just grabbed the nearest pen.

Puddie's next hearing is on October 22.

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The pen was sitting on top of a cabinet. The guy needed a pen, so he picked this one up. Those of you who are blasting this guy, do you mean to say you have never picked up a pen when you needed one and didn't put it back? Would you know a Mont Blanc pen if you saw one? This was an innocent thing that is done by all of us on a regular basis without a second thought. How about paper clips, or a piece of paper that was just laying there when you needed a piece of paper. They are all the same. This one just happened to belong to a millionaire who would screw you out of your last dollar when buying one of his cars.

I would like to be on this jury!


I was victimized at MIA by another TSA asshole.  Prosecutors did not charge, because it was $50.00 short of a felony for Grand Theft.  He took 32gb memory card from my bag that he was screening.  Police went to his house and recovered the CF card as well as additional cards he had stolen from others.  He was fired.

This guy is trivializing what he did because his victim is wealthy, trust me he wouldn't hesitate to steal from a blue collar victim and he more than likely has.


He knew it wasn't his so why did he take it? TSA is so full of criminals and perverts that they all are under scrutiny. He knew the rules, broke them and was fired.

He should have taken the plea. I hope the judge locks him up for being stupid.


Come on, this is not just some guy taking a random pen, this is a TSA agent who is entrusted with screening passengers and their belongings, including thinks like expensive pens, jewelry, iPads, iPhones, etc. who took a very expensive pen that he knew did not belong to him. 

Passengers are separated from their expensive belongings each time they fly and if the TSA agent cannot be trusted to hold such belongings until they are claimed or returned to the flying public then they should be fired and should be prosecuted. 

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

Rick Case should be charged with a felony for letting his wife walk around town in those atrocious hats.

Mohamad Masri
Mohamad Masri

I wouldnt know a 10 dollar pen from a 1,000 dollar pen. I cant imagine this guy is any different. Let it go to trial and hopefully reason wins out


How moronic. Its a bloody pen.  Yes, an expensive one, but Case left it and this guy would not know it was some expensive pen.  Cause its just a damned pen!.


This guy doesn't think taking something that is not yours is stealing.

it IS STEALING when you take something you don't own.  what is he thinking....

the pen was pretty expensive.  its like saying a porsche is just a car.  

you only have to hold a mont blanc pen in your hand to know that its not a 10 cent pen...  and last I checked, taking a 10 cent pen is still stealing.

take the PTI dude.  its not a conviction, and you'll not have a record.  if you go to trial, you will be guilty of a felony.

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