Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Tim Smith Meets a Black Male Hooker

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Tim Smith
"Here is a black male hooker working black hooker road tonight."
Tim Smith, the former city commissioner who once ran for mayor against Jim Naugle and is a frequent jogging buddy of Mayor Jack Seiler, runs a blog in which he sounds off on local issues. He blogged earlier this year about the Food Not Bombs house in South Middle River (to his credit, he actually took the time to speak to one of the residents).

Smith has been in town for a long time and has noticed a few things in the district he used to represent -- including, as he puts it, a "black hooker business district" near Searstown.

"I lived right down the street back in the '80s," says Smith. "It used to be full of dope dealing then." Now, he says, it's mostly black male hookers.

Smith wrote on his blog, "I drove home a few hours ago, after attending Mayor Seiler's latest 'jog with the Mayor' event, and decided to take that route to see if things had changed. They hadn't."

He met a black male hooker and proceeded to interview him:

"Excuse me, are you a black male hooker?", I queried.

"Yea man, what you looking for?" he replied.

"Actually, I'd like to interview you for a story for my city-wide blog on Fort Lauderdale, and black hooker road", I answered.

Smith paid the hooker four dollars for their brief interview and a blurry photo. Read the whole thing on his blog.

Got to hand it to a politician turned  blogger who actually does some, er, investigative reporting. He did represent himself honestly to the man he interviewed.

"I had had a couple beers, to be honest with you. I was probably a little looser than I should have been. I pulled into the Sears parking lot, stayed in the car and kept it in drive. I never disrespected him," says Smith.

Smith says he's a supporter of gay rights: "I've always championed my gay neighbors." For that matter, he's fine with hookers too: "Personally, I think prostitution should be legalized," he says. "Amsterdam has the right idea. It belongs in the right geography, though, not in that little part of Searstown."

Gays, hookers, blogging, and civic pride -- this guy is the perfect New Times reader. 

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drinking and driving...and a possible hook-up

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Cutting edge commentary.

Might I suggest that Tim considers working for your advertising department...  Seems to me you have a new Back Page client...

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