Rick Scott Hits 12 Minutes Worth of Softballs on MSNBC, Avoids "Ponzi Scheme" Question

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Rick Scott, happy to be here.
When the subject of Rick Scott comes up on the typically left-leaning MSNBC network, it's typically to be berated on Rachel Maddow's nighttime show.

Invite him onto Morning Joe with former Republican Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough, however, and the governor gets to run a 12-minute public-relations campaign on national television.

Aside from (again) saying what a great job he's doing, Scott also talked about his infatuation with Texas and was given a free pass to duck the one relevant question he was asked this morning.

Instead of the governor using his former method of answering tough questions -- which can be seen here -- he conveniently answered questions that weren't asked instead.

MSNBC's Sam Stein came on a video feed to ask if Scott agreed with Texas Gov. Rick Perry's summation of Social Security -- that it's a "Ponzi scheme" and a "monstrous lie."

"The most important thing is, we've got to make sure we -- I mean, people rely on Social Security, I mean... I have a pension in this state, they're relying on these things," Scott said. "We've got to make sure things are funded."

With no mention of the fact he didn't answer the question, the hosts moved on and asked Scott if he thought Social Security was unconstitutional.

"I don't know how it would be unconstitutional," he said.

Then they got back to the PR, whereupon the governor explained that his approval ratings are low because people are mean and charter schools are the best.

Check out the video of the interview below:

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What a disgraceful act of journalistic fellatio on Morning Joke's part. Joey thinks he's going to be president one day. This sort of thing is only preferable to weasel's eating out my eye sockets. Only just. Really just a disgraceful display of corporate/GOP auto gratification. Mika too zonked out on whatever it may be, to break out of her encasement of make-up and hair spray to say anything. Wow what a great liberal. Honey, this is not a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Mount a defense, babe. C'mon. DO SOMETHING tackle someone. At least open your mouth and say something. Really and truly horrible. Hey morning JOKE thanks for nothing.

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

How is this a surprise?

When Phil Donahue (a real liberal) had the number 1 show on MSNBC, he was asked to leave because according to his superiors, they did not want an anti-war voice on the air leading up to the invasion of Iraq. (An invasion that brought billions in profit to MSNBC's parent company, GE) When Jesse Ventura was signed to a 3 year contract with the same network, he was bought out of the contract before even one show aired, for essentially the same reason. (Both Donahue and Ventura have confirmed this in published interviews.)

And recently, Cenk Yugur was fired by MSNBC because he was considered too "anti-establishment", and he was told specifically in a meeting, "We are the establishment".

Therefore, this notion that MSNBC is "liberal" is a grotesque lie. Yes, in comparison to the fascist news newtwork, aka Faux News, they appear liberal. Then again, compared to Attila the Hun, Obama is a liberal. Even Rachel Maddow is nothing more than a gatekeeper for the left, refusing to cover "certain news events and stories".

The real "liberal media" can only be found in the deep, dark crevices of the internet. Incidentally, that is also where the real truth can be found.

Won't you join me there and become educated?

Nelson Moore
Nelson Moore

Thank God someone else noticed. This was embarrassing. A man with pathetically low ratings, multiple bipartisan lawsuits, near-criminal history, constitutional ignorance, conflicts of interest, etc., etc., who can't answer a question without diverting his eyes like a liar, gets interviewed like the Convention Bureau boss. What an incredible waste to time and air--while all those "pundits" anhd "experts" sat there pretending not to know the truth while Joe got ready to stick his tongue down Scott's throat. Disgusting.


More like wiffle ball!  And Gov Scott saying a "positive" is housing has gotten cheap in Florida!  Almost a million Floridians out of work and housing being cheap is a positive?  Don't get me wrong, I like houses being cheap in price, but I'd like it much better if Floridians could also afford to buy houses cheap.  Housing has gotten cheap Governor because Florida has a true 15% unemployment rate, and those who are working are barely living paycheck to paycheck.

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