Rick Perry Leads CNN Poll Going Into Debate, Followed by Mitt Romney and... Sarah Palin

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry
In anticipation of the GOP presidential debate it's hosting, CNN released its freshest poll numbers, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry leading the pack -- ahead by 12 percentage points over second-place Mitt Romney.

The poll showed that 30 percent of the 446 Republican voters surveyed said they'd be most likely to support Perry for the GOP nomination, followed by Romney at 18 percent, and a woman who hasn't even said she's running for president -- Sarah Palin -- at 15 percent.

The lead Perry has over Romney is actually a bit smaller than the last poll, which showed a 30-17 split in late August.

Among the other candidates, Rep. Ron Paul placed fourth with 12 percent, Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were each chosen by 5 percent, and every other candidate -- including Rep. Michele Bachmann -- received less than 5 percent.

When respondents were asked the same question, except excluding Sarah Palin, Perry beats Romney 32-21, with Paul in fourth at 12 percent, and Gingrich and Bachmann each receiving 7 percent.

Paul had the largest increase in the poll -- when testing including or not including Palin -- jumping from 6 percent just a few weeks ago to 12 percent alongside Palin and 13 percent without her.

When respondents were asked how they'd feel if each candidate won the nomination, Palin received the most negative reactions from Republicans, with 19 percent responding that they'd be "upset."

Perry managed to lead the rest of the field on all of the questions asked in the poll, including likability, leadership quality, and chances of defeating President Barack Obama next year.

The Pulp will be heading to Tampa to detail what's going on at tonight's debate, so stay tuned for that one.

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Crash course on the phony “two party paradigm” and “mediacreated tea party”

The media’s ignoring, ridicule and outright smearing of RonPaul while bolstering other candidates illustrates nicely the two great modernschemes operating in American politics facilitated by the mainstream media –those being: the phony “two party paradigm” and the creation of the phony GOP“tea party”. First, the concept of a modern “tea party” came on board with theRon Paul supporters back in 2007 during the campaign. Actual pounds of tea wereto be dropped by a hovering blimp into Boston Harbor on the historic day of theoriginal Boston tea party against British tyranny as a gesture of defiance tothe status quo (lost of civil liberties; unending illegal wars; nation building;destruction of our currency; torture and extraordinary rendition; abuse ofcivil liberties under the bogus Patriot Act etc.). Party affiliation, nationalorigin, race etc. wasn’t important – all were welcomed - only a love of libertyand a willingness to fight for it and hence among those veterans the movementis rarely regarded as “tea party” but instead the “liberty” or “freedom”movement and it is definitely not GOP or PERRY or Bachmann!!

 In 2008 when the“dynamic duo” - McCain and his side kick - Palin got their bloodied grindedbehinds handed back to them by Obama. This is exactly what the mainstream mediahad orchestrated for the previous year – and the rank and file GOP voterspredictably bought it – they bought media served “stooge of the day” McCain andside kick hook line and sinker! I invite you to research progressive APreporter Liz Soldoti’s coverage of McCain 2008 and see how she systematicallybuilt him up “straight talk express” to become the GOP front runner – the MSMknowing he was hopeless and would get creamed by Obama!

Immediately after the election in an attempt to do damagecontrol the RNC/GOP and right leaning media embraced “tea party” to co-opt themovement for the progressive neo-cons – enter the right media ala FOX and the likesof social controlling neo-con personalities such as Rush Limbaugh; Glenn Beckand Sean Hannity. The left media, MSNBC etc. and their social controllingcomponents: Keith Obermann; Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow in an effort tomaintain and reinforce the phony two party paradigm immediately hyped them “racists”and “secessionists” nut jobs stressing the “tea party” as against newly electedPresident Obama primarily because he was black!

Hence: the term “tea party” as currently hyped in the mediais a creation of the mainstream media and simply equates to good old Americanprogressive “neo-con”! The concept of “tea party” they propagate is a primarytool currently used to continue the “two party paradigm”.  Anyone uninformed enough to buy in is beingseriously played and hasn’t taken the effort to analyze the actual facts – justtaking the media’s word for it like a good little boy or girl and maintain the“status quo”.

Allow me to go a little Taoist on you – the “real” tea partyyou hear about is not the “REAL” tea party!

Strange as it may seem, there is actually littlesocio-economic and political ideological difference between – lets say, MSNBCand FOX – only the illusion of one! Both the (so – called) right and leftfactions of American mainstream media are all globalists - wanting to maintainand expand American empire with all their corporate owners having direct BODrelationships with the giants in the military industrial complex such as: GE;Texaco; Chevron; Boeing; Lockheed Martin; Citigroup; Rockwell Automation;Chase, WorldCom, and JP Morgan; Halliburton, etc. and thereby financiallybenefit directly from the ongoing nation building and entrenched foreignoccupations.

So the mainstream media as a whole created the current “GOP teaparty” as is hyped today, to attempt to contain and control the actuallegitimate non-partisan “liberty movement” (being the actual REAL “tea party”started by Ron Paul supporters in 2007) – it being a threat to the status quoand use the phony “two party paradigm” to help them do it. This is the illusionof two different parties counter balancing one another – please don’t say youcan’t remember recently this spring when republican Senator McCain and democratSenator Kerry went arm in arm bellowing for illegal war with Libya? Do younot find it is strange that Obama never changed Bush/Cheney policies regarding:torture; bailouts; WARS; Patriot Act and lost of civil liberties and abuse ofAmerican citizenry. Exactly - both parties want huge intrusive centralauthority – its just one side prefers to balloon the size of government withaggressive warfare and less social welfare and vice-versa. Americans are spoonfed the “two party paradigm” as a controlling device through the lame-streammedia – that’s why globalist neo-cons like Bachmann and Perry are being hypedas “tea party” and that is why they are desperately trying to co-opt many ofRon Paul’s life-long political positions on things, such as: auditing theFederal Reserve.

For years have you scratched your head wondering - why areour representatives in DC doing this? Are they trying to destroy America?Unfortunately in a twisted sense – they are. For the globalist in both partiesit’s not about gaining a secure and prosperous American Republic;upholding liberty maintaining the supreme law of the land – the U.S. Constitution.It is totally about maintaining an economic empire for a select group ofoligarchs using the American military - our blood and treasure!  It’s about redistributing American wealth andtechnology and building “emerging” economies in Chinaand India etc while de-industrializing America! It’s about destroying oureducation system with federal control so that our young people test dismallyagainst students in the rest of the world in science and math! It’s aboutdefending borders overseas while leaving our southern border in the USA openallowing for abuses of American citizens. We could go on and on about themistreatment Americans suffer at the hands of a rogue government! However, youand I both know that throughout the process of the dismantling of America, themainstream media tells you “its okay – remember back in 2008 when theyspoon-fed us “don’t worry either top tier candidate, Obama or McCain will getus on track”!  Now the media is trying toforce-feed us their choice AGAIN!

Yeah right! We know how that worked out!

The media is currently working overtime to convince votersthat the candidates like: Perry; Romney and Bachmann are significantlydifferent than President Obama – this is definitely pure BS! All of the 2012candidates (in both parties) polling significant numbers nationally are deep inthe pocket of international banking and the military industrial complex EXCEPTRON PAUL! This corrupt system needs an o-going puppet in the White House tokeep bailing out criminals and keep this bogus war on terror going and rampedup bombing and saber rattling all awhile the media keeping the American peopleplacated with the “two party paradigm” allowing for global elites to stealAmerican national wealth and sovereignty! Ron Paul is the only candidatesignificantly different than Obama and therefore the ONLY ONE capable ofbeating him on issues that the majority of Americans heavily support (likeending: illegal wars; torture and illegal detention; abolishing the Patriot Actand Federal Reserve; stopping the abuses of the IRS and TSA and getting us outof NATO and NAFTA etc.)

The “establishment” is in a real bind – the media’s “ignore”phase for the “Ron Paul problem” hasn’t worked and the “discredit” phase is nowunderway. These types of tactics are standard procedure in any third worldbanana republic to marginalize legitimate opposition to the regime and statusquo. They have NO place in a free representative Republic!

So, fellow Americans if by now you haven’t acknowledged thatObama is a corporate puppet you are in serious denial or part of the subversion!If you want things to continue under the rule of the global “banksters’ and“tanksters” – maintain the status quo and allowing tyranny to grow under thephony “two party paradigm” - vote for the spoon- fed media’s "toptier": Obama; Romney; Bachmann; Perry etc., but if you want things to trulychange and have the assurance that you will have the right to be heard and notsilenced then begin to restore America liberty now and support Ron Paul! Hecan’t be bought – and the establishment knows it! They must use every meansavailable to attempt to marginalize him - hence the blackout, ridicule andsmear! Check your states regulations for rules of primary voting and do whateverit takes (you may have to join the Republican Party) so that you can cast yourprimary vote for Ron Paul.



Model Citizen
Model Citizen

The type of candidate that appeals to the right wing electorate is so predictable and formulaic that the Dems should just manufacture a macho dimwit to pose as a Repub and sneak in the back door.  Now that I think about it, Perry was a member of the Democratic Party until 1989...

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Oh, there are tens of thousands of them who hate dark skin so much they'd do just that to get him out of office. Count on it. Florida was in the Confederacy, remember?

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Is there some requirement somewhere that you have to be a certified cretin to become a Republican presidential candidate? Sure does seem like it. Pitiful.

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