Rick Perry Hosting Lunch Event in Fort Lauderdale; Tickets Start at Just $1,000 Each

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Rick Perry, who is allegedly so good-looking that it'll cost you $2,500 to be seen in a photograph with him.
GOP presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry has announced the details for his swing through Florida -- a five-stop tour that includes events in both Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

In what his camp is calling the "Sunshine State Kickoff," he's scheduled lunches, dinners, and receptions in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, and Palm Beach between September 13 and 23.

Although the location hasn't been announced, Perry's Fort Lauderdale lunch starts at noon on September 21, with tickets starting at just $1,000.

If you opt for the "VIP reception" in Fort Lauderdale, that will set you back $2,500 per person but includes a photo opportunity with candidate Perry.

According to Perry's campaign website, the other four events in Florida all cost the same amount of coin, although only his Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach events don't yet list the venue they're taking place in.

The Palm Beach event is labeled a "reception" that will be taking place the same day as the Fort Lauderdale lunch -- September 21 -- but again, there are no further details listed, except that it will set you back a grand to set foot inside.

Perry's tour starts on September 13 in Tampa, with a breakfast at the InterContinental Hotel starting at 8 a.m. At noon that same day, Perry is scheduled to make an appearance at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami.

His last scheduled event in Florida is a reception September 23 at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando.

All of those events will be preceded by the CNN-hosted "Tea Party Republican Debate" alongside other GOP hopefuls, which will take place September 12 in Tampa.

He's also slated to appear in the "Presidency 5" debate -- which also includes a straw poll -- on September 22 in Orlando that is hosted by the Republican Party of Florida.

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Loki Luck III
Loki Luck III

Who wants to attend to this treasonous bendover bob's function?  He loves the North American Union agenda.


Rick Perry announced his position on science yesterday.

Basically, he is against it.


Check out the photo posted with the article. Is it just me or does that look like the GW Bush Jr. stare of bewilderment or what? Maybe he sees Papa Bush's thousand points of light in the sky. They must teach that look in grade school at the Texas bible academies. Get that man a jumbo Corn Dog.


Yet more proof that the repubs are only out to help the uber wealthy in this country.

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