Jose Claudio, PBSO Deputy, Accused of Stealing Thousands From Trailer Park Resident

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According to the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Jose Claudio's method of making money on the side was stealing thousands of dollars from a woman living in a West Palm Beach trailer park.

An arrest narrative states that a property owner sent in a complaint to the State Attorney's Office alleging that somehow, people had gained access to accounting records and receipts from the Casa Del Monte trailer park and had organized a scheme to defraud the company that had cost them more than $200,000.

When they interviewed one of the park's residents, she told investigators that she'd bought her trailer for $8,000 from Claudio -- which police say Claudio never owned in the first place.

Investigators say that the management company actually owned the trailer but that the woman gave Claudio a check for $8,000 in August 2008, and he deposited most of that money into a bank that same day -- using his Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office ID to verify his identity, according to the cops.

Then, police say, Claudio started charging the woman for rent on the lot she kept the trailer on, for the price of $525 per month, which he also had no authority to do.

By July 2010, the property owner discovered that the woman's rent payments weren't in her account, because Claudio had been collecting the rent money from the woman -- which he deposited in his bank account, according to investigators.

Claudio has been charged with three counts of grand theft -- all felonies -- which carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison per charge.

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Actually took then three years, this guy ain't guilty. Someone need to look into this company, anyone who know this cop knows better. He did nothing put help the people of Casa Del Monte.

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

What's up w/ these Deputies stealing from people. i mean i hear about shake downs to deputies going after ilegal immigrants and harassing them and sexually assulting them. My personal case got pulled over about i don't know 5. 6 yrs ago for a DUI investiagtion, and the crooked Deputy stole 250 bucks out of my wallet and then tried blaming Ft.Lau Pd. I mean then I file a Internal Affairs investigation, the report comes back sustained, and still I never got my money back. Public record look it up. It involved Deputy Matthew Wiley from Davie. Be carful folks and hold on to your wallets. Not kidding. Oh to top it all off he states that the (get this) the wallet was put on top of hi scruiser and he drove off. Then states goes bask to the  scene where he pinched me and finds the wallet(black) at 3 in the morning. Then states found wallet micraciously but no cash? Please. And knew exactly where to find it(wallet) but states that it flew of the hood, and knew exactly where to find it like an hour later. sure someone found th ewallet pulled the cash out of it and then threw it back on th ground. Should have been fired. Old man's probably some big shot, well guess what sir you got an asshole for a son....

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Uhm.... it took 2 years for the property owner to realize that a residents rent checks were not going towards her account? Where was the property manager, where was the property managers boss, where was the oversight? Maybe the owner should re-think how he/she is doing business. It seems to me they set themselves up and didn't have enough in place to protect the resident of the trailer park. See, that is the difference between running a Mobile Home Park and running a Trailer Park!!!!!!!!!!! Huge diffence, the former cares about the residents, the later only wants as much rent money as they can get......


It's so funny this deputy was found not guilty on all three counts, somebody need to look into the owners of the park.


All cop are not dirty, someone need to look into the park. The real crooks got fired, all he did was tried to help the people.

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