Francisco Rojas Tells Cops He Can Pull His Own Tooth Out With Pliers and Vomit All Over His Garage Because He's "F***ing Drunk"

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St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office
Francisco Rojas, who was "fucking drunk and you can't do anything about it."
Police say they went to Francisco Rojas' house in Port St. Lucie on Sunday after his wife called 911 saying her husband was drunk in the garage trying to pull a tooth out of his mouth with pliers.

Apparently, Rojas, 49, didn't like the fact that the cops interrupted him while he was drunkenly attempting to pull his tooth out in his vomit-covered garage.

"This is my fucking house, I can say and do whatever the fuck I want," Rojas said, according to a probable-cause affidavit. "I'm fucking drunk and you can't do nothing about it."

Well, the cops did do something about it -- starting by opening the garage door, which reeked of the vomit Rojas had barfed onto the floor.

After swearing at the cops a bit, Rojas was asked by one of the two officers on the scene to calm down and lower his voice, the report says.

Police say Rojas then turned to the other cop and started shouting and swearing at him instead.

By this time, the neighborhood children were gathering outside the house to watch Rojas scream at the cops, according to the report.

Police warned Rojas that the children outside could hear and see him and told him that he'd be arrested for breaching the peace if he didn't stop, the report says.

Instead, the cops say Rojas told them, "Fuck you, Mr. King. Take me to fucking jail," despite neither of the officers having that last name.

"Based on Francisco's behavior," he was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail, the report says.

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A danger to themselves or others. This is what the authorities need to determine before taking someone in. Wife called, cops suspected domestic violence and/or suicide attempt, arrived at the home, waited around until they had evidence to arrest.


I feel for his wife. She probably has to deal with this l loud obnoxious man every day. And then has to clean up his vomit b/c he's too drunk to. 


Seems to me that the cops actually created the crime. They might as well have dragged him out of his garage by his painful tooth and charged him with public intoxication. He was INSIDE, until THEY opened the garage up for public viewing. I'm sure that in their years of service to their community they have come across many odors even more foul than vomit, so I don't buy the "it stank too much" excuse. They were trying to quiet him down, and when he wouldn't do what they wanted, they just created a situation that allowed them to arrest him and be done with it.What I see here is this:  No insurance + toothache = desperation. Desperation + alcohol as both a painkiller and a courage booster + pliers = vomiting and swearing from pain. Add a nagging wife and "we're too busy to deal with your b.s."-attitude having cops = public humiliation. But, silver lining for the brave little dentist who couldn't:  in most jails and prisons, there is access to dental, medical, and mental care! Not the best around, mind you, but still a far sight better than that DIY lipo you have planned for next weekend!


Did that trip to jail cost the taxpayer more or less than a trip to the dentist would?


How the fuck does someone breach the peace in their own garage?  This is unbelievable.  Cops, you dont like loud cursing vomiting drunks pulling out a tooth in their own garage with vicegrips, then go get a new job.


God is restoring my brother in law. In Jesus name he will make through this time. Gods grace and mercy is upon his life and supernatural deliverance is taking place now in Jesus Name. It is done and finished.

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