Florida Is Home to the Second-Most Mass Layoffs in the Nation -- Again

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For the second month in a row, Florida had more mass layoffs than every other state but California, according to statistics released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the numbers from the BLS, Florida accounted for 78 of the nation's 961 mass layoffs in August and 147 of the 2,176 layoffs nationwide in July.

Florida's mass layoffs -- which count as one employer laying off at least 50 workers -- was also the third-highest in the country in June and again the second-highest in the nation in May, according to the BLS.

Among the eight states and the District of Columbia in the South Atlantic census division, Florida accounted for nearly 45 percent of all mass layoffs.

The state's jobs agency was happy to report last week that there was an increase of 10,000 jobs last month, conveniently leaving out the change in the labor force -- which kept Florida's unemployment rate at 10.7 percent for the third month straight, well above the national rate of 9.1 percent.

That leaves 987,000 people without a job in the labor force of 9,201,000 people from the August stats.

The number of initial claimants for unemployment dropped from 12,098 in July to 5,176 in August, which is still the seventh-highest in the nation.

The BLS didn't separate the mass layoffs per industry by state, but nationally, the manufacturing sector led the nation in the most mass layoffs, accounting for 24 percent.

Other industries with the most nationwide layoffs include administrative and waste services (17 percent) and retail trade (8 percent).

Click here to read the entire release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

How can we have massive layoffs?  We're about 1/2 through Scott's creation of 700,000 jobs!


Hey, P/rick Scott, where are the jobs?  Let's get to work?  What a sham you are.  By the time you are voted out, 5 million people in FL will have lost  their jobs.  You will be proud of that fact because that is just what you are all about.  Doubt me?  Just look at what you have done so far.  You are on track for the 5M job loss.


why not ask (n)Obama? or the democrats who legislatively manadated banks give mortgage loans to those who could not qualify, thereby setting the stage for this mini-depression? If you want to blame the current guy in charge for the sins of past politicians, let's blame the rodent currently squatting in the White House...and Bill Nelson ... and DSW...and Harry Reid....and Nancy Pelosi....and Chuck Schummer....and Barney Frank.... and the list of corrupt politicians who buy votes with my tax money goes on and on.....

White Boy
White Boy

yes, all those dems are to blame...but let us not forget all the thieving, piece of shit repubs as well.

let us ask the beaner lover Jeb and his inbred peers what the f is going on.

please, blame the dems...the repubs are worthles c-suckers too!

but go ahead, blame one side and not the other.

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