Florida Death-Row Facts, Including Last-Meal Parameters and the Executioner's Paycheck

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It's been nearly 20 months since the last execution of a prisoner by the State of Florida, and in anticipation of South Florida cop killer Manuel Valle's lethal injection at 4 p.m. today, we decided today would be a good day to drop some death-row knowledge.

Valle, 61, was convicted of killing Coral Gables police officer Louis Pena in April 1978 and just passed his 30th year on death row last month. And someone's going to be paid $150 for administering his lethal injection this afternoon.

Check out some of the Pulp's favorite Florida death-row facts after the jump, all courtesy of the Florida Department of Corrections:

  • The executioner is a private citizen who may remain anonymous and gets paid $150 per execution.

  • After the governor signs an inmate's death warrant, the inmate is moved to a "Death Watch" cell, which -- at 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high -- is more than 200 cubic feet larger than the regular death-row cell.

  • When the prisoner goes on "Death Watch," he or she is allowed both a legal and a social phone call.

  • A prisoner's last meal before execution must be purchased locally and cost no more than $40 to "avoid extravagance."

  • Only Florida's death-row inmates wear orange shirts, but they wear the same blue pants as the other inmates.

  • The most people executed in the state in one year was six in 2000.

  • The youngest prisoners executed were both 16 years old -- Willie Clay on December 29, 1941, and James Davis on October 9, 1944.

  • The oldest was Charlie Giffords, who was executed on February 21, 1951, at age 72.

  • There are currently four women on death row in Florida, compared to 393 men.

  • On average, death-row inmates are executed 14.2 years after they committed the crime.

  • The electric chair is still an option for prisoners as a method of execution.

  • The Associated Press and United Press International are always guaranteed two of the ten to 12 spots in the reporter pool, and at least one reporter in the group must be from a news outlet that covers the county in which the prisoner's crime was committed.

  • Two notable serial killers have been executed in Florida prisons: Aileen Wuornos and Ted Bundy.

  • Manuel Valle will be the first Florida prisoner subject to the new sedative drug pentobarbital as part of the lethal injection process.

And here's the execution chamber:

Florida Department of Corrections

You can find a ton of information about Florida's prison system, as well as even more tidbits about the lives of death-row inmates, at the Florida Department of Corrections website by clicking here.

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William G Hitchcock
William G Hitchcock

INmate Valle spent 30 years on death row and an additional 2 years before his trial ended in jail.   He was NOT executed.  HE died of pre-planned OLD AGE!


I think that there needs to be a change in the world of justice. We have become so "Soft" to people killing other people and living their lives comfortably behind bars. I am someone who believes we need more death sentences and less humane treatment of cold blooded killers. Don't think that they thought for one second about their victims family and loved ones.


Manuel Valle will die today because Gov Scott desperately needs to improve his approval ratings. It wasn't God who gave him the 'go ahead' to sign a death warrant on Valle, it was his political advisors. Valle was represented by an attorney who desperately waits for Gov Scott to reappoint him as CCR. Read more about Valles legal representation: www.look-arch.de

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

I see that you're not used to the notion of critical thinking...

Okay, how about these FLORIDA statistics:

1. Florida is the only state that allows jurors to find aggravating circumstances and recommend a death sentence by a simple majority vote, e.g. 7 to 5. All other states require unanimity.

2.  Florida has exonerated more death sentenced inmates than any other state since 1973

3. Inmates on death row as of 1 Jan 2010 - 398. Second highest to California with 697. Texas is third with 337.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

>> There are currently four women on death row in Florida, compared to 393 men.

With Georgia's recent execution of an innocent man (Troy Davis), DOC must have forgotten these little tidbits:

1. Fewer than 40% of Georgia homicide cases involve white victims, but in 87% of the cases in which a death sentence is imposed the victim is white.

2. White-victim cases are roughly eleven times more likely than black-victim cases to result in a sentence of death.

When the race of the defendant is added to the analysis, the following pattern appears:

1. 22% of black defendants who kill white victims are sentenced to death;

2. 8% of white defendants who kill white victims are sentenced to death;

3. 1% of black defendants who kill black victims are sentenced to death;

4. 3% of white defendants who kill black victims are sentenced to death.


I absolutely agree. I also believe they should be punished the same way that they kill their victims. Hopefully one day that will happen and maybe anyone who is considering taking someone else's life, will not even considerate, if there were harder consequences.


Tiffany, as an old friend of mine once said, we need one jail, 2X2 feet in the center of town, where only one inmate can stand,  What do we do when we catch another criminal you say?  We hang the first one and place the second one inside.


I agree, the cold blooded killing of an officer and wounding another is barbaric.

John Henry
John Henry

WTF does GA homicide case statistics have to do with FL?  

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