Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Rescinds Public Records Change, at Least Temporarily

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The questionable public records resolution proposed by the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority was rescinded -- at least for now -- at last night's Board of Commissioners meeting, but the commissioners did approve a middle finger via proclamation toward activist Chaz Stevens.

The commissioners voted unanimously to not adopt the resolution outlawing "improper" requests for public records, but it's supposedly been done to change the language over fears the resolution in its current form may not hold up in court.

As you may recall, that resolution -- which seems to be directly geared toward Stevens and the unorthodox wording of his requests -- probably wouldn't fly under Florida's "Sunshine Law," at least according to the president of an independent open-government foundation.

Here's the text of that resolution that the board gave a preliminary go-ahead to at last month's meeting:

Item 13: Lewd, abusive or other improper requests for records. The DBHA will deny any "request" made using harassing, obscene, offensive , discriminatory, lewd, sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, pornographic, intimidating, defamatory, derogatory, violent language or communication in any form or which contains profanity or vulgarity, regardless of intent as an improper request not made for the purpose of obtaining public records under the Florida Constitution or Florida Public Records Act.

Amid Stevens' concern about the legality of that resolution, we talked to First Amendment Foundation President Barbara Petersen, who said it "raises some serious First Amendment concerns."

"Florida courts have made it pretty clear that a government agency can't impose restrictions on the public's right of access that aren't statutorily authorized, including any barrier such as this resolution," Petersen said.

Among Petersen's explanation over problems with the resolution were several court decisions regarding "obnoxious requestors" that sided with the people requesting documents.

After that resolution was proposed, Stevens filed three additional records requests, titled "Lewd, harrassing, vulgar, and utterly fucking profane Public Records Request," "Another utterly fucking rude Public Record Request," and a "Sexually Suggestive Public Records Request."

That's probably why the Housing Authority passed its middle finger via proclamation -- a unanimously approved proclamation "strongly condemning" Stevens' behavior.

Stevens tells the Pulp he would've voted in favor of the proclamation too if he were on the board.

Also as a point of interest from last night's meeting, Commissioner Mike Weiss was effectively prohibited from asking Executive Director Pamela Davis a question about the Housing Authority's procurement policy -- which Stevens, among others, has been trying to ask her for a while now to see if she'll explain her history of following the policy.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Oh shit.

Seems like someone didn't believe Tommy...  Ha!  Bet that was a shocker to learn Mr. Black isn't me...  hahahahahahahaha....

Congratulations!  See you in Court.


I apologize Mathew.  But I'm done here now.  Its just that its such fun.  And so easy.  I was going to play hooky and go fishing today, but this was way  more fun.

But I'm done now. 

Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean

Chaz. Have you been placed on the housing board?   If not what happened?  I thought that was part of the deal that was made.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Don't you just love blog trolls!  Sue me, eat me.  All the same to The Genius!!!

Now, if only you would spend this much time working on your life as you do following me around, you'd be that much less angry in life.

Give Mr. Black a call.  You have his number.  He'll gladly take your call.


Welcome, Mr. Black.  Good to know that Mr Genius has qualified representation.  I'm wondering, though, is your client cognizant of Fla. Stat. Sec 704.048?  If not, I suspect that he may soon be.

Or, maybe you need the business.  So, don't clue him in.

Anyway, its good to have you here.  I'm not sure, but I think I  saw some of your fine letter writing work on Buddy's blog a while back, along with a spirited discussion of the ethics of lawyer cease and desist letters written with no basis in fact or in law.  But it is nice to know where you can go to get a bullying lawyer letter written when you need one.  Little or no questions asked. Do you fix traffic tickets?

I'll have one of my blog lawyers get hold of you, maybe you can do lunch.

One question though. Was it your brilliant idea to have Mr Genius make a complaint with the Florida Professions Licensing Board re a blogger using the word doctor as part of their blog moniker? That's cutting edge legal work. What's next, maybe a class action against that Dr Mom gal on the Robitussin commercials? Its a big drug company. Could be big money in that.

Parklandman, can you jump in here and tell Mr. Black what's what?


Sigh...Poor assclown does not deal very well with rejection.

Poor deluded fool wasnt' on any board for two months.

Ms Berner, there are criminal online stalking and intimidation laws on the books. If the threat to post your online available data is a part of that sort of stalking, go talk with the State's Attorney.

And, speaking of blog posting of public available online info, you wont have to delete this comment, Mathew - I did not link to any online records concerning assclown's past stalking and intimidation. Be nice to him. You dont want him texting you 44 times.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


I've reprinted with my own permission (ha!) something I wrote last night addressing these concerns.


The first meeting for the newly installed Commissioners of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority is in the books and well it was a dozy! So let’s get right to it.

1. Item 14: The DBHA issues a proclamation “strongly condemning” the behavior of Chaz Stevens.  Passed 7-0. No shit! Hell, I’d vote for that. This isn’t, though they want to frame it that way, a contest of personalities. It’s about helping those most in need — oh and following the law (see Davis, Pamela goes to jail).

2. Item 13: The PRR fiasco — whereby the DBHA wanted to rewrite Florida Law by curbing my rights to public records.  Passed 7-0.  Rescinded. Chaz wins again against those assclowns.

3. Commissioner Caryl Berner bitched about personal information appearing on private blogs. Oh you mean like the 30 years of your public records (civil, etc) I’ll be posting about you over the next couple of days? That sort of public information on a private blog? Not to be redundant, but no shit! Or is that no shit?

4. Commissioner Mike Weiss delivered about 40 pages of information (series of questions and related backup material). Berner, in response, asked Weiss “how do you know these questions? New Board members don’t know anything about a Housing Authority.”  I opine neither do you Berner and you’ve been on the Board for a year. However, I was only on the Board for two months and I guarantee I know as much about the HA as the ED.

5. Berner also tried to pin Weiss’s ears back indicating that he’s “damaged goods” and has “a Chaz agenda”.  Really?  What fucking agenda is that? Asking the very same question that HUD is asking? The very same questions the Mayor wants answered? Tell me, why aren’t you asking those questions? Who are you blowing? Or who is blowing you?  Yikes either way.

6. Commissioner Potter shows her naivete by arguing against a “date certain” for the answers.  Sorry Potter, but you’ve only joined the Board and aren’t up to speed. The Executive Director will *not* want to answer those questions. No way Jose, not under any circumstance. So to allow her some wiggle room is showing your rookie status.  She answers truthfully, she is liable to end up in jail. Who’d want to answer that nightmare scenario?

7. There was no answer to the question “when can we have those answers.” Instead it was all about “Chaz and his potty mouth” (see Douche Bag, Chaz Stevens).

So let’s talk about that — Chaz and his potty mouth. Yep, I’ve got a fucking potty mouth. Guilty. Now when are you going to answer those questions?

Look retard, this isn’t about me nor my “agenda.” Folks will argue I’ve made it about me — and nope, that’s not true. See, other individuals have made it about me in the hope that will have you take your eye off the ball. For instance, here’s a simple yes/no question that Weiss was not allowed to ask tonight:

Does DBHA Procurement Policy apply to all funds, regardless of their source?

The answer is yes, because the Board approved Procurement Policy says so. However, if Davis answers “yes”, then she will have (a) caught herself in several lies, and (b) violated not only DBHA Procurement Policy, but most likely State law. Davis can’t say no, because the Policy, for which she must follow, is very clear in this regard. So, if she can’t say yes, and she can’t say no, then what can she say? Nothing, hence the reason why they demurred at the meeting. So instead of answering, they said shit like “it’s Chaz’s agenda.”  See the slight of hand? Instead of a simple yes or no, it’s well Chaz did this or that.

Teaser alert: folks are starting to finally slowly catch on.

Pardon me, but what the fuck do I have to do with the fact the Executive Director of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority, a woman with 20+ years of experience, can’t even follow her own goddamn policy? And then goes out and lies about it. What do I, or my “agenda”, have to do with her answering this simple yes/no question? Tell me Potter, does Davis really need a month to answer this simple query? 30 days to say yes or no? Hate to quote Steve Gonot here, but ya’all needed a “date certain.” You might be really good with the math, but try not to be so dense with this other material.

Leading me to my next thought. What exactly is the job of a DBHA Commissioner? Is it to provide oversight? Or is it, like in the case of Berner, a social club where she and her new BFF Commissioner Ernestine Gray (who by the way is dumber than a box of hammers) can trade snickerdoodle recipes? Is that what we are to expect from a Commissioner? Don’t rock the boat, don’t ask questions, protect the ED’s job at all costs.

Sidebar: I didn’t watch the City Commission last night, but I have heard that Berner went way overboard (even by her standards) and such “behavior” did *not* sit well with those in charge. Remember Caryl, you serve the Mayor.

Galactic-dipshit lawyers Connick and Twinkletoes are now both working pro-boner for, or is that on (?),  Davis. Seems that the $60K paid last year to Twinkletoes allows him some “goodwill.”

Speaking of Connick, did you notice how he’s lately been doing a really good Veruca Salt impression? Did someone stick a tire pump up his ass and work the livin’ bee-jesus out of the crank? Anybody sitting near him at the meeting happen to hear a “pssssssssssss”? Hey, when Connick was in Vietnam, did they just roll him down the trenches over Charlie like a bowling ball?  Mr. Connick, diabetes on line 2 for you.

Anyway, here’s my version of those Weiss questions.  Point out to me, after reading them, where exactly in those pages you found the “Chaz Agenda”.


Handout questions:

Take home questions:



I hate to pollute Mathew''s blog here, but its small potatoes compared to what you and your multi-monikers do.  Here is one of "Mr Black's" comments from another Allen West blog posting from 4 months ago--this time one of Eric's blog postings.

"Mr. Black" says:


Actually, I own three cars.   Well, two cars and a pickup.   You, on the other hand, well, besides that little 14' boat (do you still have it), own nothing.

However, let's talk about my bicycle.   It's a rather nice bike.   Made in Belgium.   By the Eddy Merckx.  Eddie, as you well know, is the 2nd all time winner of the Tour de France.

And about this bike.   I do ride it around town.   I live a green life.   While I own several vehicles and a boat, I try to keep a carbon neutral footprint.   Hard for me, as I travel a lot these days.   Unlike you, I don't hang out at the local motorcycle biker repair facility (you still work there?).   I'm in Atlanta now, enroute to California.   If you are out that way, give me a ring, we'll have dinner in North Beach.

Just remember Gary, the right to post anonymously does not guarantee the right to remain anonymous.

Or shall I continue to discuss your other "public records"?   Your call homey.

Yada, Yada, Yada.  

Mathew, please note above threat re public info dog and pony show.  Same old same old.  I havent seen unowho around here lately, although he used to post some great comments.  Mr Black and his important litigous client seem to be running off commenters, then polluting your blog entries with his potty mouth multi-handle bullying, threatening, self promoting comments disguised as discourse.  Is that a good long term growth model? 

Now, Chaz, yesterday didn't disappear just because you went nite nite .  You were still caught posting as Mr Black and declaring that Mr Black was local attorney Tommy Wright, then posting your misogynist bullying threats as supposed poor local attorney Tommy Wright's comments.  Either that, or attorney Tommy Wright rides around town on his "neato" bike and spends his days online perusing obscure bureau of motor vehicle records looking for "dirt" on people and on  blogs attacking and threatening good natured canuks that used to comment here.  

I wonder, does "Mr Black" also put a baseball card between the spokes to make a neato motor noise when he pedals really really fast?

Any competent attorney would probably be mortified to see his good name, reputation and professional judgment  so misused and debased.  That's why there are criminal laws prohibiting posing as an attorney.   Someone oh please someone, apply those criminal laws here.

Someone, maybe you Mathew, probably should let  attorney Tommy Wright know that this loose cannon is assuming his name in public, then using that good  name to bully and threaten.  Not exactly a great reputation builder and unlikely to have a positive effect on the old AVVO rating.    

Please, Chaz, the "imaginary lawsuit" threats are as tedious as all your other crazy threats.  Stop polluting poor Mathew's blog entries with that nonsense.  Go threaten people on your own blog.  I'm sure that you will "see" me in some delusional court in your imagination.  Fortunately, I won't really be there.


Cockup by the city.


..and surprise sweetheart...I am not the one with the sad and  angry life....but  that's Freudian projection , now for you isn't it?


I don't have to call Tom Wright, your lackey...we both know exactly what was said in that conversation...and that was for YOU to cease and desist.  I find it sadly pathetic that you can complain when I haven't called you in almost 3 years, nor emailed you except in response to your emails ( twice) in those 3 years. I have the records. YOU are the one cyber stalking me.Why don't you just marry Ms. K. McA. and leave me alone?

oh wait.

has she agreed to let you jerk off while u listen to her urinate?


No, blog troll, I dont love you.  Stop with the grandiose self promotion already!

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Christine.  Your rejection?  Really? I've got two cease and desist letters stating otherwise you crazy fuck.

Find another victim.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Hahahahahahah...  Perfect!  My favorite fan is back.

Can you do me a favor?  Can you pick up my dry cleaning?  I could use an extra hand.

So let me get this right.  I re-post online data and I am breaking the law?  Really?


Couldn't I say the same thing about you? Difference between myself and Berner, though keep in mind, she's a public official.

And you? You just work at a Church.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

You have a dossier about me!  Fucking perfect!!!  I've always wanted to be that important to have a file!!!

Most excellent. I feel special.

Can I send you my favorite recipe for snickerdoodles?  Should it go to bleedorange@mailcan(dot)com?  Or maybe to your hotmail addy.

I did notice you're no longer seemed to think I violated Florida Law by impersonating an attorney? Ha! Told you it would be Tommy on the other end of the line.

Tommy, who by the way, is always willing to work pro-bono for me. As you will see very soon in the near future.

I bet that deposing part of the equation really scares the living fuck out of you. When your family becomes aware of your, shall we say, less than Christianly indiscretions.

Oh, and about my bike, it's an Eddy Mercyx. Wickedly nice. Definitely not your Daddy's Schwinn.

Finally, did you notice how some of those comments were removed? Wonder what that is about? You shall see... Very shortly.

I am willing to bet I have considerably more "juice" than you. Playing cards in my spokes not included.

Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean

Too Bad!  I would have like to see what you could do from the inside.  Can you tone down enough for a run at the City Counsel?   I had high hopes for you.



You just earned yourself a lawsuit. No really. You did. Remember my office is inside a lawyers office.

I shall look forward to watching Tommy depose your husband.

Think I am joking? Think again.


2 cease and desit letters really? I never got them...but i do have hundreds of texts and emails from you begging to see me....just saying..

and oh, i am not freudin projection.....what, you think I am the only one who knows who and what you really are?


Where oh where to begin.

1.  My name isnt Christine2. I said projection, not rejection

Why dont you go google Freudian Projection instead of Caryl Berner's middle school disciplinary record.



You certainly could say the same thing about me, but that would be Freudian projection.

My poor deluded friend Chaz. You never got that muckracking reporter gig you were bragging about. You are not a double nought forensic auditor like you boasted you were going to be.

But, with your shenanigans, you certainly have achieved the status of a public figure.


Am I still on solid ground here Mathew? I dont want to have my comment deleted from this important blog celebrating the First Amendment and our (Assclown's, anyway) God given right to post  irrelevant, dated online information in blogs.


A class comment, Dr_Augusta.  Taking responsibility for your action, even though you have endured unspeakable stalking and abuse from Mr Black's favorite client, for several years,  is the higher ground.

I, too have looked at my comments in sum  here, and regret them.  I have intentionally baited and teased a severely emotionally disturbed and mentally disabled person.  Poked fun at his chaotic, unfulfilling life and lack of intimate bonds and relationships and meaningful occupation- for what - my own amusement.

That is despicable.

I might as well have been kicking walkers out from under old ladies trying to cross a busy street - my conduct has been fundamentally no different.  

I apologize to Mathew, Eric and crew.  My actions have not made  any less frustrating their dfficult process of  striving  to post insightful blog entries which are then exposed to off the wall commenters.  

I apologize to Tim Stevens, and wish him a happy emotionally satisfying life. 


I am not Freudian Projection. He/she is obviously a better educated, smarter, more articulate individual than I could ever envision my self to be.

I do however want to offer you and your betrothed a public aplology. I am sorry. I crossed the line. My comments were crude and offensive. And frankly beneath me.

After enduring 2.5 years of scurrilous attacks, sooner or later a tipping point is reached. Unfortunately I crossed my own boundaries with the comments made. One's behavior should never be in reaction to another's.

I am grateful  that Matt eradicated my comments. Exhibiting that pornographic display  with my name attributed to it for all to see ad infinitum, would have frankly been more embarrassing and humiliating for me than any thing you have  or could have written about me.

Since apparently we can not co-exist on this blog or on any other, I will take my departure. I won't be back, under this "name" or any other.  Life is short.

You have my sincerest wishes for a blissful, meaningful life.  Perhaps you will be the gentle man that I know you reallly are, and leave me and my family in peace.



I dont know why I grace this slobbering raving vitriole with an answer, but, "Tommy" can explain to you (pro bono- so maybe you can use your $ for a bell for your handlebar), that as an at  this point  necessary witness to contested facts, if not a party to any delusional legal cause of action you plan to be pursuing here, "Tommy" is disqualified to be an attorney for anyone besides himself here.

At the very least "Tommy" would need to testify as to when "Mr Black" is "Tommy", and when "Mr. Black" is a threatening, angry raving psycho. But don't believe me.  You are a genius.  Look it up.  Or ask Tommy, he wont cost anything - he is pro bono.  

Sometimes in life we get what we pay for.  But then again, with your "juice" maybe you could get around this problem.  That's some powerful "juice" you got there.  I'd like to drink some. But not when I'm driving.


Sorry Mr Black.  My bad.  I checked.  Impersonating a lawyer is a felony, not a misdemeanor.  I'm surprised that a genius legal beagle like you didnt catch the error.

Fla. Stat. sec. 454.23 states:Penalties.—Any person not licensed or otherwise authorized to practice law in this state who practices law in this state or holds himself or herself out to the public as qualified to practice law in this state, or who willfully pretends to be, or willfully takes or uses any name, title, addition, or description implying that he or she is qualified, or recognized by law as qualified, to practice law in this state, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

Better idea, Chaz. Why don't you go call Chief Sudler and turn yourself in? Maybe they will go easier on you. Or better yet, run off to Morocco? I hear that they don't have an extradition treaty with the US.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Tell you what Freud. File a police report.  Go ahead.  In fact, call Chief Sudler (BSO Deerfield Beach) at 954-480-4303.  Get off your droopy old cellulite wrinkled ass and take a go at me.

Come on, you know I lied, so jack me up on a misdeameanor.  Be the first one to finally take me down. 5 years and yet no winners?  Come on.  I can make you famous.

And as far as some malarky about a crime to say you are going to sue someone (WTF man), the truth, as they say, is "the ultimate defense".

To speak to Attorney Thomas Hill Wright, III Esquire, give him a call at 561-620-8200.  But you already know that number, don't you?


uh, Chaz.  And Chaz Stevens, Genius, are you sure Mr Black is your lawyer Tommy Wright of the law office of Siegel, Siegel and Wright, who will be in the office -  where you also have an office - until 4:45 today where he will be taking calls from people that you threaten on this blog?

I ask because I scanned Mr Black's posting history.  And Mr Black posted this 4 months ago in a blog Mathew posted re Allen West:


You know what....   My name calling and labeling has:

1)   Landed me on the front page of the New Times2)   Won me the 2010 NT Activist of the Year award3)   Landed me on the front page of the Miami Herald4)   A prestigious forensic accounting firmed named a corruption-fighting award after me5)   I am on local talk shows discussing my work6)   Over 100+ articles have been written about me in the press7)   I sent three corrupt politicians to jail8)  My blog had well over 400,000 visitors last year

and soon, very soon,  you'll be able to turn on a national network and watch my interviewSo, I will admit, my name calling and labeling is a great success and I'll continue to keep at it.   Don't you agree cum stain?  

That sounds like your post, Chaz.  Same old same old. Ad Nauseum. Gee, Chaz Stevens, Genius, looks like you are Mr Black.  You too, Chaz.  Did we miss your interview on a national network or do we still have that to look forward to?

Chaz, and you too Chaz Stevens, Genius, and Mr Black, for that matter, posing as a lawyer and threatening someone with spurious lawsuits is a crime.  A couple crimes, actually.  Apparently it is a misdemeanor to pose as a lawyer, although I can't figure out out why any sane person would want to, even if it weren't a crime.

So, move along folks.  Nothing to see here but a poor pitiable creature trying to find solace and worth in a delusional world of multi-monickers, self promotion of delusional "accomplishments", and multi-personality misogynist bullying.

Mathew , I know this clown's antics are good for blog traffic, but is it really worth it, putting up with him?   It cheapens your hard work and excellent blogging like today's blog re the republican debate.


Hey Assclown, that lawsuit is mines.  Bring it on!  How many monikers you got on here, and do you always remember which one you using?

Doing all this stalking out of Mr Blacks office are we?  That's Wright good news.  If Mr Black doesn't have assets, at least he is likely  insured.

Oh and Mr Black, can you spell Jack Thompson?  

But seriously, Assclown, why dont you let Mathew post his nice blog posts without you raving about your imaginary lawsuits? Its tedious.

Mr. Black
Mr. Black

I was trying to be nice... You can always call me at the office at Siegel Siegel & Wright if you wish to call my bluff.  I'll be here till 4:45. 


LOL and yet another lie..."Mr. Black"I met you on a CHAT LINE when you claimed your name was DAVIDStop looking for me under every negative comment you receive...WHO CAN'T MOVE ON?

Mr. Black
Mr. Black

As counsel for Mr. Stevens, I was the one who sent a Ms."W" not one, but two(2) cease and desist letters. In response to the letters she called me on the phone at which time I advised her to stop harassing Mr. Stevens or an additional criminal complaint would be filed as he had already made numerous complaints with BSO Deerfield.  I don't know who is behind the masks here but I have my suspicions that a certain Ms. W who used to pretend to be a psychologist when in fact she was nothing more than a director of pastoral services at a church is unable to let matters go. 

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