Cliff Reynolds Sent Undercover Cop Loads of Child Porn and Asked Him to Ejaculate in a Cup

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Cliff Reynolds
Cliff W. Reynolds -- who went by "peter_rabbit57" in Yahoo! chat rooms -- spent about five months talking dirty and sending kiddie porn to an undercover Boynton Beach cop over the web.

That kiddie porn part is why Reynolds was sentenced yesterday to 7.5 years in prison, but the other details he decided to share with the cop include a little more than child pornography.

According to an arrest affidavit, Reynolds, 62, started chatting with the cop in September 2008 from his home in Elgin, South Carolina.

Reynolds would often talk about the cop ejaculating and being naked and also chatted with the cop's make-believe 12-year-old daughter, the report says.

Shortly after Reynolds said he wanted the officer and his imaginary daughter to get naked, he added the cop to his buddy list, which displayed Reynolds' avatar as a picture of himself.

The officer got a mug shot of Reynolds from the Richland County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina, confirming that Reynolds was indeed peter_rabbit57.

That's when Reynolds started sending kiddie porn to the cop and also mentioned that he had been spending time with his 7-month-old grandson, whom he had "rode the steam train with."

After sending more child pornography to the officer in another chat about a month later, Reynolds decided to let him know he had molested a child as young as 6 years old before the chat changed direction a bit, the report says.

"The chat then get (sic) into Reynolds directing me to get a cup to ejaculate in," the arrest affidavit states.

The cop decided to change the subject and ask Reynolds about the last time he'd molested a kid, which Reynolds replied was about two weeks ago.

Over several more conversations, Reynolds send the officer more and more kiddie porn and also let the cop know "he likes when the child calls him daddy."

After a subpoena for Reynolds' IP address, the sheriff's office in South Carolina went to his door and verified it was him, since the Boynton Beach cop was chatting online with Reynolds during the encounter.

The FBI then executed a search warrant, finding "dozens" of kiddie porn images and videos. The State Attorney's Office says Reynolds admitted to his crimes.

Reynolds pleaded guilty to nine counts of transmitting child pornography and two counts of child pornography and child exploitation.

After his 7.5 years in prison, Reynolds is also ordered to serve eight years on probation.

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so what does it mean that he was "riding the steam train" with his 7 month old grandson?


As I say with all these with his balls!  And while we're at it, his johnson too!


7.5 years? Are you kidding me? Even if he serves the entire sentence, which I doubt, what a slap on the hand!! Maybe pedophiles will have to rape the children of lawmakers before we punish them accordingly!! Remember, they are impossible to rehabilitate !! And I am otherwise a liberal!

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

According to the public proclamations of local assclown extraordinaire David Cody, Peter Rabbit would be given the chance to coach in Deerfield's youth sports league.

No really.  He said that.

But then again, what do you expect for a nephew of Sylvia Poitier?


My hunch is it's some kind of euphemism.


we ARE the law makers. the people of the state could change that. it just takes a lot of action.

The Genius
The Genius

Timmy, you feces throwing monkey, that is a flat out lie. He never said that. He said there should be an appeals process for those with criminal records (as almost every other city has) Never once did he advocate for those who had a sex crimes past. In fact he specifically stated that nobody with sex crimes in their past should be allowed with the kids.

What about non-convicted sexual deviants? Should they be allowed around kids? How about those who throw jars of urine at their ex-girlfriend's?


The feces tossing monkey plays fast and loose with facts.

But, on the plus side, he doesn't cry when he gets arrested.  According to him.  But, consider the source.

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