Census: Young People Still F*cked by Recession

Down and out on mom and dad's sofa.
Now for some bad news.

U.S. Census Bureau figures released today show that young people are getting especially pummeled by a recession that supposedly ended two years ago.

According to the Associated Press, 20- and 30-somethings face the highest unemployment rates since World War II and are more likely to live in poverty than other demographics -- with one in five young people slipping below livable income levels.

Turns out, the white-picket-fence thing is probably a thing of the past, statisticians have found.

Young people are overwhelmingly unemployed or underemployed, so they can't really do things like buy houses, move to cool new places, or start families, the AP reports.

Just over 55 percent of 16- to 29-year-olds had jobs, compared to 67.3 percent in 2000.

Now, 5.9 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds have decided to live with their parents -- that's a 25 percent upswing since before the recession, the AP notes.

The just-released numbers also indicate that 25 percent of families are lead by single moms and that nearly one-eighth of American households -- 13.6 million families -- receive food stamps.

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Does anyone know what the so-called 'Lost Generation' was? Or even remember why they were called the Lost Generation?

 How stupid to claim that to label another generation like that. The Lost Generation endured loss and gave up their lives for a free world, something I don't see these disenfranchised suburbanites capable of doing, even to save their own lives. But I'm sure the media will continue to pigeon hole them and give them more media attention. Poor new lost generation!


Do you  actually have one of these?  Because I do.  Just turned 22.  Psychiatrist bill -$250-$500 per week (kid says he is lonely like talking with head doc).  Tuition at expensive chickenshit liberal arts school where he has been for 4 years but still has 3 years to go for that BA in communication -$45k per year.  But he says then he will be getting an upper level management job at a fortune 500 company when he graduates with that 2.2  GPA

Apartment-no roommates because he needs privacy for his studies $10k a year (plus utilities)

Miscelaneous fines, attorney's fees, court costs and bail for the marijuana charges$10k a year.  He likes to protest the marijuana laws by getting high in front of cops.

Involuntary commitment by university counselor's office to inpatient substance abuse facility 2X's per year (why dont they just toss his lazy ass out of that school - must like the $45k my wife hands them.  I wish she would stop doing that)  $5k deductables -$10k per year. 

In my day, they were called f*cking losers.  Lost generation my a**.You know, during a recession, if you are young, you go get 2 chickenshit McDonalds jobs if you cant find a good job.  Work hard get a house.  Claw your way up.

Outlaw the video games.  Then they would have the time to get degrees, good jobs and buy houses and cars.  Till then, thank God we got  a lot of  the recent immigrant's kids.  They all seem to work hard and do pretty good.

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