Broward County Bike Share to Launch This Fall

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Come November, about 200 three-speed bikes will likely be clustered in more than 30 spots from Hallandale Beach to Pompano Beach, all yours to rent, says Broward County Transportation Director Chris Walton. They'll have baskets. And a GPS device that "tracks mileage, calories burned, and carbon offsets," according to a news release.

Walton said the county hopes Broward's new bike-share program will catch on among tourists perusing the beaches and locals working downtown -- wherever the peeps are, at least those not inclined toward theft or vandalism.

Here's how it works: Kiosks at places like 
Hillsboro Inlet, Dania Beach City Hall, and the Hollywood Tri-Rail Station will hold a number of bikes. To rent one, either register online or swipe a credit card at the kiosk. It will cost you between five bucks per day to $45 annually. Rent the bike for as long as you like, and return it to any kiosk.

Supporters say the system eliminates the stress of waiting in traffic and finding a decent parking spot. 

"We've had quite a bit of support" since the idea was first pitched in 2010, Walton says, and no one's really been too critical.

This is probably because the program won't cost the county or any participating cities a dime. On the flipside, Walton said, it won't make them any money either.

The company B-Cycle, which manages bike shares in Madison, Chicago, and Denver, is the one carrying it out.

"We really just acted as facilitator," said Walton.

This comes just weeks after greater Fort Lauderdale ranked near the top in surveys measuring suckiest cities for both driving and walking.

Walton said the county's not too worried about the safety of the program, given Broward's profusion of bike lanes and plans on building more bike paths and greenways in the coming years.

As for theft?

"There's always that concern," Walton said. "Not to the degree that it would cause us to cancel the program."

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Read more about bike sharing guys.  It's been proven to work in places way more prone to theft and damage than Fort Lauderdale.  You cant get a bike without a credit card attached, and good luck piecing it out or selling it... the bikes aren't designed like your typical Walmart Schwinn!


Seems to be working well in Miami Beach. The kids call it Decobike.

R. D. M.
R. D. M.

good idea but the drivers here stink, weren't we voted bad for pedestrians? how would a bike be any safer?


in a community that generally craps over pedestrians and bicyclists & worships the highway, sadly i do see this just getting picked off by the poor & crooks until it gets shut down. the bike culture necessary to make this successful has been destroyed in south florida. it'll be nice for awhile though.

Bubba The Wise
Bubba The Wise

I see a major opportunity for the criminals of Broward County to be provided with a new means of transportation. Ride and Sell. Get where you are going for free and sell the means of transportation when you get there.

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