Overheard on Himmarshee: Bike Cops Don't Know Rules of the Road

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Bike polo is not recommended for Himmarshee.

​At approximately 12:30 Friday afternoon, four members of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's illustrious, crime-fighting bike squad rolled into Rok:Brgr on Himmarshee.

They were wearing bike shorts, which appeared to be of Spandex origin.

Two Pulp reporters, who were also lunching at Rok:Brgr (we had a really awesome coupon), happened to overhear a conversation between the leader of the pack and the rest of the departing bike posse as the group left the gastropub -- presumably to return to duty.

The brief, serendipitous exchange -- one of those complaints that you would make half hoping that someobody else overhears -- suggests that this particular group of bike cops might not be following the rules of the road -- and riding in a way that would get a civilian cyclist a nasty ticket.

The convo?


An officer whom we will call Bike Cop No. 1 was standing on the sidewalk with his bicycle -- right in front of Fat Cats.

Several other officers had already hit the road -- and were apparently riding in the street lanes, against the flow of traffic.

"This is what we need -- a bunch of bike cops riding down the wrong side of the road," he said.

The rest of the group, which had gone down the block, toward Avenue of the Arts, then circled back, riding on the sidewalk.

Then they met up with the seeming leader of the group, Bike Cop No. 1.

When they were on the sidewalk, they were riding with traffic.

It is unclear whether the riders were reprimanded for the seeming traffic infraction.

Check back with the Pulp for updates.

Rebecca Dittmar contributed reporting. 

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Certainly...; Purchasing a road bike could be a huge investment specially due to the fact you're going right onto a new interest and activity.


This has got to be the worst piece of journalism I have ever read. You are a joke of a reporter. You should quit. It would be the only honorable thing to do. You editor should be fired for allowing this piece (of what is the question) to run.


Yawn! Please wake me when you write something humorous or informative. K, thanks bye!


My dear Miss Foolish Dittmar,  I see u think its your duty to oversee the laws of the land.  Well now, please understand, you have no idea why they were doing what they were doing do you?  Oh Im sorry, I meant to say Did you ask why they did what they did or was it your keen writers mind decide they did wrong?  Its ok Miss Dittmar, I sure this was a very important piece of journalism for you.  I hope it gains you the fame and noteriety you want.Thank you,Miss Dilligaf


And why is this remotely news of any kind? The police don't obey traffic and safety rules in cars (because, of course, they're special and laws, even the laws of physics, don't apply to them), why would you expect them to on bikes?


{yawn}.  Booooooring.


Boy has this blog gone bad.

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