Anthony Mangione, ICE Chief in South Florida, Arrested After Kiddie-Porn Investigation

Anthony Mangione
Anthony Mangione, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's South Florida Office since 2007, was arrested today and is being held at the Broward County main jail at the behest of the U.S. Marshals Service. Mangione was the subject of a child pornography investigation starting in April, after AOL alerted a nonprofit group about images that were reportedly downloaded at his IP address. Mangione was placed on administrative leave earlier this year, just before he had planned to retire.

No details are available about the charges against Mangione at this time, though computers had previously been seized from his house in Parkland and from ICE's Miami-Dade offices. 

Mangione was the head law enforcement officer for ICE and specialized in drug smuggling, financial crimes, and cyber crimes -- including child pornography -- according to an article in the Sun-Sentinel.

The paper points out a bit of pedo-irony in some old quotes from Mangione, condemning a sentenced sexual predator:

"This case reveals the disturbing truth that child predators will go to great lengths to sexually exploit minors," Mangione said in a 2008 news release, after a Martin County man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. "ICE is committed to identifying and arresting these individuals who seek to victimize children and help ensure that justice is served."

ICE is building an expanded presence in South Florida, with plans in the works for an 1,800-bed detention facility in Southwest Ranches. Mangione hasn't been quoted in any news releases lately -- somebody else took over his job after the investigation began. 

Mangione is expected to appear Wednesday in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

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Under our new and ever so sharing & caring laws, most of the marble sculptures in Italy are illegal and ALL the tourists who view them are child predators.  Silly. 


You know what, ICE you need to deport this POS instead  trying to deport  bright ambitious young adults brought here illegally as small children who want nothing more than their shot at the American dream or deport citizens born here of non citizen parents.

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

Dear Irv,

From your lips to a higher power's ears.  Why are so many of our enforcement officials getting snared in this kind of crap???  If the general public cannot expect to be treated fairly by law enforcement, then we have lost our republic...we have become a fascist state.

In reality, I know that it is difficult to apprehend a criminal who is also a law enforcement agent.  I would only hope that more law enforcement agents recognize those, "exceptional" colleagues in their midst, and do something about cleaning their own houses.  It's much more satisfying when good, solid, law enforcement agents are able to resolve those anomalies in the ranks.

Law enforcement is a tough career.  They need to police their own ranks and know that the general public is watching...and DEMANDING integrity in the law enforcement community.

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