Allen West Gets a "Defense Fund" From Joe Miller Over Reelection Worries

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Apparently there's great concern over Rep. Allen West's reelection bid, since Tea Party hero Joe Miller -- the guy who lost a Senate campaign in Alaska to a write-in candidate -- and his political action committee have started the "Allen West Defense Fund" to keep the congressman in office.

The Western Representation PAC -- chaired by Miller -- admits West is "one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the entire country" and talks about how "presidential" he is.

That's why they're asking that you give them $5,000 to keep West in office, and if you don't, you're probably one of those racist liberals.

"Democrats only like racial diversity when the candidate is a 'good liberal,'" the PAC's announcement says. "They have relentlessly attacked Justice Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, and other conservative members of racial minorities, and Rep. West is no exception.  Instead of applauding his record of achievement, liberals have labeled him an 'Uncle Tom' and made his defeat priority #1 in 2012."

Here's a tip: West isn't being targeted because he's black, but we'll let the Western Representation PAC continue the inane racial diatribe:

If LTC Allen West seems like Presidential material to you, if you would like to see him someday take a larger leadership role in our nation, he needs your help to get there. Democrats will do everything they can to destroy black conservatives because they threaten their cherished but completely bogus narrative that they are the party that supports minorities. When a Republican nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the liberals forgot their diversity and instead launched a vicious, vulgar, and vile smear campaign. LTC West is rated by nearly every respected political analyst as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in 2012. That is why our team has bought the domain name and have made this race one of our highest priorities!

So why does West deserve people's money, aside from the fact that you're probably racist if you don't donate?

"Did you know that Rep. West authored a bill that cut the bloated Pentagon printing budget by 10%, and it passed by a vote of 393 - 0?" the PAC's announcement asks. "This accomplishment is especially remarkable when you take into account that freshman legislators usually lack the seniority and relationships to pass bills through the labyrinth of congressional procedure."

If you're unfamiliar with that bill, West's claim to fame is toning down the amount of Pentagon reports printed in color on glossy paper -- as Mother Jones points out, it saves enough money to almost afford one-fifth of one of the missiles the country launched at Libya.

Regardless, there's already a response from the camp of one of West's hopeful opponents, courtesy of Lindsay Zoeller, the campaign manager for Lois Frankel:

I'm not surprised Joe Miller wants Allen West to be President -- they have a lot in common.

Miller's bizarre statements and right-wing ideas made him a national nightmare last year. His positions include eliminating Medicaid, slashing Medicare funds, and phasing out our Social Security altogether -- positions he has in common with Allen West.

He even at one point in the race accused his female opponent of being a witch.

Does he sound familiar?

Joe Miller and Allen West are two peas in a pod -- and since the people of his state had the good sense to dump him, he's decided to meddle in races 5,000 miles from where he lives. We cannot let him get away with this.

Of course, that announcement came with a fundraising pitch too.

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Q. What’s the difference in these two men ? Lt. Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Loan Lt. Colonel Allen West A. The one on the bottom missed, and now, he’s a US Congressman from Florida!!!! Once again, the Amerikkklan public gets just what it deserves!!!


You mean Joe whose name isn't Joe.  And the plumber who isn't really a licensed plumber?  Kinda like that Texas rancher who is from Connecticut, went to Andover and Yale and is afraid of horsies?

glass slipper
glass slipper

Allen West sucks enough Israeli cock to keep himself in the running as the money will continue to flow as long as he keeps up his pro-Zionist mantra.

Allen West is worse then a whore and the only reason he isn't in jail is because he wears a suit and tie.


Joe Miller? Supporting/funding a politician at the far corner of the country far away from Alaska where he disgraced the whole democratic election process, just because he could not become a Senator.Good going Mr.West, with Joe Miller, the loser supporting you, Murphy is sure going to beat the crap out of you. After I heard of Mr. Joe's new tactics, being a Republican in Alaska I decided to send money to support Patrick Murphy.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

When George HW Bush had his press conference in Kennebunkport, Maine, to announce the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Thurgood Marshall seat on the Supreme Court, Bush said Thomas was "the most qualified person in America for this seat on the nation's highest court." I have in my 67.8 years of life in this country heard only one public remark that was more profoundly ridiculous, when White House Counsel Harriet Miers said George W. Bush was the most brilliant man she had ever known. These Republican morons have some kind of cretin gene.

Tea Baggery
Tea Baggery

From one douchebag to another.Is anyone else bothered by the fact that a Florida Representative who does not live in his district has raised 47% of his campaign funds from out of State?

Tea Baggers from outside this District and all over the nation have highjacked Florida District 22's voice in Congress to do their bidding and not ours.I guess that's why he has not done a thing to benefit South Florida, and holds steadfast and loyal to the douchebaggery of his ideology.

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