Allen West's Request Met: Investigation Into Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Pending

Rep. Allen West's July request has been answered: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General is coming to town to look into the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.

A letter from Deputy Inspector General Michael P. Stephens to West dated August 3 confirms a case has been opened, and auditors from the Inspector General's Office have been asked to review the allegations.

According to an email from DBHA Executive Director Pamela Davis sent to the agency's board of commissioners, they're coming to town this week:

Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 2:14 PM
Subject: Office of Inspector General

As you all are aware, Congressmen Allen West asked for a Full investigation of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.  The OIG will be here on Wednesday, September 28, 2011.
I will keep you informed.
Thank you,
Pamela E. Davis

As you may recall, West's involvement in the matter came about due to emails from activist Chaz Stevens, who's been looking into the housing authority with great animosity for quite some time.

Below is an email to Davis from newly appointed housing authority Commissioner Michael Weiss, which outlines the problems within the agency as well as what he expects the Inspector General's Office to find in its audit:

Date: September 25, 2011 6:30:50 PM
Subject: Request of Public Interest

Executive Director Davis;

For nearly the last two years, the City of Deerfield Beach, along with its contracted Forensic Auditor Kessler International, DBHA Commissioners, and members of the general public have been unable to get answers to numerous inquiries posed to your staff. Additionally, you have ignored answering my simple questions about basic agency policy.

As Commissioner, it is my responsibility to ensure agency management does not willfully or negligently commit any wrong doing, circumvent written policy, and violate State law and Federal regulations. Along with the upcoming HUD OIG comprehensive audit, it was disturbing to learn Mr. Timothy Donnelly, Broward State Attorney's Office Director of the Special Prosecution Unit, will be opening an investigation into our agency.

Therefore without delay, I require the following.

  1. Acknowledgement of this email.
  2. Upon receipt, forward a copy of this message to Mr. Donnelly and Mr. Armando Fana (US HUD) which outlines my areas of concern. Those concerns are listed at the bottom of this email.
  3. Carbon copies sent to the entire Board, Mayor Noland and Commissioners Miller, Preston, Popelsky, and Ganz.

I cannot stress the importance of your immediate compliance with this direct order.

Commissioner Michael Weiss
Deerfield Beach Housing Authority

Failure to Properly Procure Legal Services

The DBHA first began utilizing the services of Attorney Bill Crawford in 1993, while Attorney Tom Connick was Chairman of the DBHA Board.

  • From 1993 through 2010, the ED failed to advertise an RFP for Legal Services, yet all other professional services were properly procured. (A/E, Audit, Fee Accounting, IT)
  • In 2011, Attorney Bill Crawford was commissioned to write the DBHA Legal Services RFP, and prospective Bidders were instructed to correspond with him.
  • Bid scoring sheets from the September, 2011 demonstrate that numbers were crossed out and changed post-scoring. Were if not for these inconsistent scoring changes, another firm would have won the Bid. Eg. Higher score one cost when his costs were higher. Crawford won the Bid with the adjusted numbers.
  • A conflict of Interest existed in which one of the scoring Commissioners who changed scoring numbers, Giannino, was actively negotiating a favorable Promissory Note with Attorney Crawford for funds due the DBHA.

Conflict of Interest Violation

A serious conflict of interest violation exists between DBHA agent Architect Kimberly Dellastatious (A/E Services Bid 2008) and her husband, Contractor Don Ridge of Ridge General Construction.

  • Ridge General Construction was the recipient of a $42,000 No-Bid/Single Quote Outbuilding Conversion contract paid through the Palms of Deerfield Town Home account, a $10,000 public housing contract for Unit #76- Stanley Terrace apartments in which Ridge was the highest quote three door replacement projects in which he was the highest quote in two cases. Architect Kimberly Dellastatious was involved in all of Ridge projects in some capacity and made arrangements to pick up payments for Ridge.
  • The Procurement Corrective Action Plan submitted to the DBHA Board by ED Pam Davis in February, 2010 fails to inform the Board that a relationship existed between the parties.

No-Bid Contracts

  • In August 2009, the ED signed a contract with Best-Tec Inc. for the abatement of asbestos in 47 units at $2,200 per unit for a total contract cost of $103,400. No formal bid was done.
  • In August 2009, the Ed began utilizing the services of ETS Environmental Inc. to conduct testing in the units at $575 per unit for a total contract cost of $27,025. No contract was present. No formal bid was done.
  • The Procurement Corrective Action Plan submitted to the DBHA Board by ED Pam Davis in February, 2010 omitted payments made to Best-Tec Inc. so that it appeared that the DBHA had not exceeded the $25,000 Bid Threshold and the Board was informed that Operating funds were not subject to procurement regulations.

Non-Compliance with Small Purchase Procedures

A review of small purchase procedures, those between $1,000 and $25,000 for the period of January, 2008 through October 2010, by Forensic Auditor Kessler International demonstrated a consistent pattern of noncompliance with obtaining the required quotes when certain vendors were concerned. One vendor in particular that should be examined is Geophil Enterprises Inc. Geophil Enterprises submitted a 400% increase for services for employee training with no other quotes received and a $5,000 charge for Strategic Planning with no other quotes received.

Thank you,

Commisioner Weiss

Also, you can find the letters from West and the Office of the Inspector General below:

Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Investigation

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Wonder what the DBHA kill shot looks like? Read on.

The following is a letter I just blasted off to local and Federal law enforcement officers.


Mr. Donnelly;Director, Special Prosecution UnitBroward State Attorney’s Office

Armando Fana, US HUDMiami Field Office

Good day Sirs. Hope these words find you both in good spirits.

Enclosed to this note, you will find an email from newly minted Deerfield Beach Housing Authority commissioner Michael Weiss to Executive Director Pamela Davis. Weiss’s email contains a series of questions that he and my team collaboratively developed over the last couple of days. Questions whose answers, I believe, will categorically prove that Davis willfully violated numerous State and Federal laws/regulations.

I should note that Weiss and I have the total support and backing of Mayor Peggy Noland. All three of us smell a rat.

It is my belief that we have Davis between a rock and a much freaking harder rock and like the Chinese Government who charge the family of an executed criminal for the cost of a bullet, it is our intention to force her hand, demanding that she present your agency with the keys to her own demise.

As you will read from the following note, Weiss demanded Davis forward these questions to both of you fine gentlemen, brooking no room for delay. However, as Davis and her cronies spent nearly two years and well over $50,000 in taxpayer money avoiding these (my) questions, I don’t expect you will find an answering email from the DBHA in your Inbox anytime soon.

I expect the only email you’re likely to get from Davis is notifying everyone that her agency is thinking of floating the turd of another SLAPP lawsuit my way. Fools. However, don’t expect me to do a Judge Crater, as I ain’t going anywhere.

Davis failure to communicate, I opine, should raise many serious concerns, setting your mind wondering why the Executive Director would be intentionally avoiding these inquiries. Allow me, if you will, to tell you why Davis won’t want you to think about these questions. It’s because their truthful answer will most likely send her behind bars.

Weiss plans to press hard and with that in mind, we’ll keep you informed of the issue.

The DBHA matter is quickly coming to a head. Come join us on the bandwagon. I’ll save ya’all the seats at the head of the table.

As always, I stand ready to assist.

Bubba the Wise
Bubba the Wise

This should be an interesting investigation, long overdue.


Oh, federal prosecutors get these wacky conspiracy theory letters by the bushel.

Commissioner Weiss and the entire Conspiracy Ninja Seal Team 6, you dont want to appear too provincial and cracker before these big time Warshington hotshots.  So, you might want to  reconsider and amend  your accusation regarding failure to procure legal services by means of  the RFP process.

Legal services, including paralegals, expert witnesses (including appraisal services) and court reporter services are exempt from the RFP procurement process.

The HUD audit team can rip the rest of these "accusations" to shreds.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

CAFR, as in Federal statutes regarding HUD money.  Not Florida law you fucking moron.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Perhaps you'll be good enough to quote the CAFR that indicates legal services are exempt from the RFP.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

>> Oh, federal prosecutors get these wacky conspiracy theory letters by the bushel.

You mean that whacky letter from a Member of Congress sent to the head of the HUD OIG?  The very same HUD OIG that's coming to town?

Yeah, I am sure West sends those letters out by the bushel.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

You are a fucking idiot.

If Legal Services are exempt for the RFP process (which they aren't), then why did the DBHA put it out to bid?  The first time in 17 years and *only* after I brought it to their attention?

From HUD's 1993 Procurement Handbook (I read it and apparently it doesn't come in comic format so you haven't), there is a suggested two-year limit on service contracts, unless HUD approval is obtained.  There was no approval requested and/or granted.

Again from HUD's own guidelines, the rules state that contracts for legal services should be no longer than 3 years in order to afford full and open competition.

Fucking idiot.  Go find another sandbox to play in. 

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Hey, by the way, the next time you see your brother-in-law, tell him he's a bit rude... The very least he could have done is thanked me for the trick I taught your sister.

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