Tornado Spotted in Broward County (Video)

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No tigers were involved in the tornado.
A tornado -- yes, a tornado -- touched down in Broward County yesterday evening, according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS says the tornado was first spotted on the east side of Tamarac, although it was reportedly seen in North Lauderdale and Margate as well.

The preliminary guesstimate from the NWS is that the tornado scored no more than EF-1 on the Fujita scale, which means the maximum wind speed could have been up to 112 mph.

Check out a video of the tornado shot by a man in Tamarac after the jump:

In anticipation of Tropical Storm Emily moving its way to Florida, the NWS says the storm will reach the Bahamas by this weekend, although they're still not sure if it's coming our way.

Click here to read the rest of the NWS hazardous-weather report, which includes a forecast of 40-mph wind and temperatures as high as 105 degrees in South Florida.

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