City of Sunrise Employee Gets Flak for Using Ladies' Room, Following Law, Lawsuit Claims

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Sunrise Said to Break Labor Laws.
A longtime City of Sunrise employee says that her bosses harassed her for following labor laws -- even going so far as to reprimand her for using the bathroom during work hours.

Cynthia Bagnall, a secretary for Sunrise since 1988, says that her bosses started to mistreat her when she participated in a Department of Labor investigation, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Federal Court.

Here's what Bagnall says happened: in 2008, Forrest Bagnall, Cynthia's husband and city engineer, filed a complaint with the Department of Labor. He says that he was unfairly reprimanded for taking military leave.

Cynthia Bagnall says that she complied with Department of Labor staffers while they investigated her husband's claim, in June, July, and August 2008.

On July 31 of that same year, Cynthia Bagnall claims, she was assigned less desirable work hours.

When Forrest Bagnall then decided in 2009 to go forward with his complaint against Sunrise, and listed his wife as a witness, "the City notified Mrs. Bagnall that her work and office location and even her working hours would change -- all over Mrs. Bagnall's verbal and written objections."

Cynthia Bagnall says that City higher ups even went so far as to stuff her in a tiny office where she could barely work, in addition to giving her later hours and unclear duties.

The kicker? "Mrs Bagnall then began to be reprimanded for innocuous fabricated 'infractions' at work for which there exist no published policy guidance...includ(ing) being reprimanded for her use of the ladies restroom during working hours."

The Bagnalls have demanded a jury trial, in hopes of improving Cynthia Bagnall's working conditions.

The City of Sunrise has not returned calls for comment.

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Things are done unfairly at the city. Higher ups, make decisions about things they have no idea about. Don't ask the employees, that actually do the work, for any helpful suggestions and ultimately end up spending money on things that are completely useless. If they would just stop trying to be so "powerful" in their positions, step back, and maybe listen to the employees, things would be better.

Laurie Morgan
Laurie Morgan

I live in Sunrise and am ashamed that our city's higher-ups would intentionally mistreat anyone.  Be fair and think first.  If you don't know how to behave, think of the golden rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.


Wow! I would expect better decision making from a City Manager that is currently collecting a Sunrise pension worth $100k per year, Family Health Coverage for the rest of his life and a 100% Joint Survivor Annuity. Oh, do not forget he is vested in another pension for $100k per year and another 100% Joint Survivor Annuity. Do not expect the City Commissioners to step in because they to are getting a pension for a part time job with a 100% Joint and Survivor Annuity and Familly Health Insurance for the rest of their life. All of us should be happy we do not pay taxes in Sunrise! If you live in Sunrise, VOTE them out. 


It is digusting to imagine someone who's husband is serving our country so that these fat cats can sleep easy at night being treated as a leper.  The magnatude of their stupidity is unbelievable, US soldiers should be commended, not discriminated against!!!


This City is run by retards.  Staff is utterly useless.  Complaints to elected officials fall on deaf ear and blind eyes.

Trying to have any development plans approved in this City, from a simple fire hydrant, to a parking lot, house, commercial project, anything!, take 10 times longer than any other municipalities.

Would someone call the Governor and have this City taken over?


Hey Chaz, regarding those shoes........I wanna dip my BALLS in it!!

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


Those baby's are like $1,300...  Ha...  Why not right?  Hopefully they're wash and rinse.

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