"Slinky Metal Thief" Arrested; Turns Out to Be Man, Not Actual Slinky

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Copper stopper
A "slinky metal thief" has been caught on video stealing copper wires and tubing from Oakland Park air conditioning units, the Broward Sheriff's Office reports.

"It was just after 4 a.m. Wednesday when Amos Issac finished stripping another air conditioning unit for its copper tubing and wires," according to the BSO's Dickensian prose.

"He loaded the valuable metal into a shopping cart and began walking. A few feet away, a Broward Sheriff's Office sergeant watched from his car."

The "slinky metal thief" (their words) was arrested on charges of loitering and prowling, grand theft, possession of burglary tools, possession of a shopping cart, and theft of copper. Police claim that Isaac is also responsible for a July 14 copper theft at the Stable bar.

The BSO says that copper thieves prey upon houses and commercial buildings in the middle of the night and crib several hundred dollars' worth of copper. Homeowners and business, in turn, have to pay thousands to replace costly air-conditioning units. Most of these thieves are humans, not slinkies, experts say.

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Fat Hand
Fat Hand

I was skeptical of that possession of a shopping cart charge, but here it is:

506.509 Possession of shopping carts, laundry carts, dairy cases, egg baskets, poultry boxes, or bakery containers.—Any person who is in possession of any shopping cart, laundry cart, dairy case, egg basket, poultry box, or bakery container with a registered name or mark shall be presumed to be in possession of stolen property and is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082.

I am guessing that it is less common that people get caught pushing their goods around in a dairy case.

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