Rick Scott Calls on the Lord for Jobs, Identifies With Polygamist Monarch (Video)

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Gov. Rick Scott stayed at home during Texas Gov. Rick Perry's prayer rally on Friday, but he did make a video appearance before the 30,000-person crowd at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Scott says in his video that since being inaugurated, his prayer has been the same as King Solomon's -- you know, the greedy guy who hoarded all the gold with his several hundred wives before getting in a bit of trouble for messin' with the Man upstairs.

Still, Scott joined Perry and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback as the only ones out of the 607 people who were reportedly invited -- which included every state's governor, all members of Congress, and the Obama administration.

Jesusfest '11 still went down with the three amigos at the helm, and Scott's video message asked people to pray to God that people get jobs, among other things that are apparently out of his reach.

"We can all agree our nation faces tough challenges, and we need God's help," Scott says.

Check out the governor's video below:

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Praying is like a rocking chair — it’ll give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.

~ Gypsy Rose Lee (born: 1911-01-08 died: 1970-04-26 at age: 59)

Rick Scott praying for jobs is pretending to do something useful, as if the creator of the universe would change his mind based on Rick Scott's petition.  How about something practical, like a plan to subsidise new hires?

(I got a complaint about my spelling of the word "subsidise". This is the way it is spelled in most of the English-speaking world. In the United States it is spelled "subsidize". The McNeil-Lehrer documentary The Story Of English explains how the difference came about. The great American Lexicographer, Daniel Webster made a brave stab at simplifying the spelling and pronunciation of English to make it easier for the wave of immigrants to master.)


Yup Gypsy Rose Lee, who also wrote..."God is love, but get it in writing..."

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Dear Gawd;

I need me a million-trillion dollars.

Please help.

SignedOne really broke dick mother fucker

PS  If you could also see your way, I'd really like to bang Jessica Alba.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Each inmate on Florida's Death Row costs the state, on average, about $14 million, mostly for the 12-15 years of state and federal appeals. Last time I checked, we had almost 300 inmates on Death Row. You do the math. So if Skeletor really wants to bring fiscal sanity to Tallahassee, he should just commute every death sentence that makes its way into the system. Warehousing them costs about $30,000 a year, and they never escape. It can't be done from Raiford. Sure, this would cost him a few votes from the ghouls and lynch mob crowd, but Skeletor never has hesitated to be controversial. Man up. Skel!


Why is it that all these right wing politicos think that the invisible spaghetti monster is going to fly down an help fix the mess they created?Isnt it obvious that this is never going to happen?  Didnt we used to throw people who hear voices into a nice straight jacket?Okay kids, its time to ditch these "leaders" who cannot lead.  Who depend on creations from the old days to do their work for them.Its time to actually LEAD and not hope something else is going to fix everything.

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

Are you anti-Italian????  Why does this unseen, imaginary creature have to be tied to spaghetti???  I'm going to call the Italian Protective Agency, (aka, The Mafia), they'll fix this post!!

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