Rick Scott to Speak at RedState Gathering, Schmooze With Other Ricks and Scotts

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Rick Scott did not get top billing at the conference.
This summer's sweltering conference season is upon us, and Gov. Rick Scott has been making the rounds. First there was the secret Koch brothers soiree in Colorado, then the video chat with the devoted crowds at Gov. Rick Perry's prayer rally in Texas.

This Friday, Scott is scheduled to speak at another big-name GOP shindig, the third-annual RedState Gathering in South Carolina. Oddly, the Sunshine State's Voldemort is not the keynote speaker or even a headliner at the conference. On the agenda, he's sandwiched between the welcome reception with Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and a speech by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). Hopefully, the audience will be too busy eating to notice that Slick Rick doesn't
blink. No one wants to pay a $199 registration fee only to choke on their iceberg and blue cheese.

Later on in the festivities, Scott's pal Perry will make an appearance, and South Florida's own Adam Hasner will give a Saturday afternoon speech, presumably about how he came to be "Florida's next conservative rising star."
At the end of the conference, participants are scheduled for a mysterious "dinner & movie." Wonder if they'll be screening The Town.

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Sure would be interesting to see Ricky's travel accommodations. IIRC he dissolved the Florida Air Force and stated he would use his own personal Air Force fleet for state travel. Details please. I would be pleasantly shocked to find that he was donating his own air service free of charge to the State of Florida. I would not be shocked to find that he was billing the State of Florida for services rendered. Maybe he is churning up business for Air Scott, with his jet setting lifestyle.

Chaz Stevens
Chaz Stevens

When you say "sandwiched", are you suggesting Guvnor Midnight Oil has "too wide" of a stance?


Bash Scott. Bash West. No surprise that nobody is following this blog. I just came back to see if there have been any changes. None and I, along with everyone else, are gone.


Praying is like a rocking chair — it’ll give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.

~ Gypsy Rose Lee (born: 1911-01-08 died: 1970-04-26 at age: 59)

Rick Scott praying for jobs is pretending to do something useful, as if the creator of the universe would change his mind based on Rick Scott's petitition.  How about something practical, like a plan to subsidise new hires?

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