President Obama Turns 50 Today; Let's Recount His Most Magical Moments

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President Barack Obama turns 50 years old today -- according to both his "Kenyan" birth certificate and the real one -- and policy decisions aside, it's been a magical ride.

That's right, magical. The president has managed to invent a few new states, made fun of Nancy Reagan, and even had the audacity to rename Sunrise with the much more radiant name of Sunshine.

Obama isn't the only politician with magical moments -- consider Rep. Paul Ryan's suggestion that we cover the moon with yogurt -- but in honor of the president's birthday, we'll recap some of his most magical moments:

  • Opinionated Obama
Yo, Barack, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Bill O'Reilly had the greatest off-air rant of all time!

  • Karate Kid Obama
Mr. Miyagi was able to catch a fly in chopsticks, but the president stealthily killed a fly without tools during a CNBC interview -- and that moment was captured to the effect of a kung fu movie.

  • Star Wars Obama
Sure, Ronald Reagan created the "Star Wars" policy, but he never wielded a lightsaber to show us how serious he was about it.


  • Internet Obama
One of the greatest things about the internet is that so many people own Photoshop, which gives us the opportunity to see our president jump out of a helicopter with nunchucks, or riding a unicorn with rainbows exploding from his arms. Internet Obama doesn't make policy decisions, but when he does, he prefers to use meme generators.


  • O'Bama Obama
A couple of months ago, Obama went to Ireland, where they gave him an honorary apostrophe for his last name. We're not sure who convinced whom here, but there were 25,000 people in Ireland who swore Obama was as Irish as a leprechaun.



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Add in the crash of the stock market today

Chocolate Senior
Chocolate Senior

Don't forget the Roasting Obama, his comments about Donald Trump were magical...he made Trump disappear

Chocolate Senior
Chocolate Senior

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by over 4000 points since Obama was sworn in.  It has dropped more than 500 since the US Congress demonstrated its inability to pass a bill to approve funds that it had already spent.


Yeah, because that is Obama's fault. Geez.


Don't worry about stating facts Senior, they are useless to them.

People like Rockbo and the brainless followers live with the mantra 'If you repeat it enough, it will become truth'.

So they just talk out of their ass, but they do it enough times, to where their mouth shit becomes fact.

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