Palm Tran Employee on Why She Stole $11,000 of County Property: Boss Was a "Gay Pervert"

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Melissa Siladke, who allegedly stole $11,000 worth of county property because of her "gay pervert" boss.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was a little curious as to why Melissa Siladke allegedly stole $11,196.45 of taxpayer coin while she was an employee of Palm Tran, the county-funded transportation agency.

Siladke's answer: Because her ex-boss was a "gay pervert," according to an arrest affidavit from the sheriff's office.

Siladke, 32, was arrested today after an investigation into how way too much stuff went missing from her office.

To sum it up in Siladke's words, "I fucked up and got fired I fucking listed some shit on eBay from our office and Dan found it."

Dan Pace, an administrator at Palm Tran, found some of the agency's missing goods on eBay, being sold by a user with the handle "ASiladke," police say, which is a mighty fine coincidence considering her husband's name is Anthony Siladke.

When the cops went to interview her, she threw around several excuses, including that the $11,196.45 worth of stuff "was going to be thrown out," before she came clean about the situation, the report says.

The police gave Siladke a list of 110 items they believed she had stolen -- including copier toner, computer monitors, and other random office supplies -- and asked her to highlight which ones she had stolen and sold on eBay.

Siladke highlighted 106 of them, according to the cops.

That's when police asked her why she'd done it:

She stated that she observed her old boss take a 12 year (sic) child into his office and lock the door behind him one day. After that she stated that she started to steal out of retaliation for him being a gay pervert.

Police say Siladke had been stealing from Palm Tran since October 2008, and stole more than $5,000 worth of stuff in the last fiscal year alone.

She was charged today with dealing in stolen property, grand theft, official misconduct, and running an organized scheme to defraud.

If convicted on all charges, Siladke would face a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

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miami beach apartments

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Wow, she was a pro at concealing her identity on eBay!


At least Perry Maul didn't lock the door.....

The Genius
The Genius

Speaking of unemployed, how is the 2 time former housing commissioner doing?

David Cody
David Cody

From the looks of her mugshot it looks like she was dating Chaz "don't mind taking a swing at a woman" Stevens.  Is that paranoid and scared look on her face because she is facing jail time or is it from fear of Chaz Stevens like so many other women in South Florida.  I think Chaz Stevens single handedly keeps Woman in Distress in business, not through financial donations but through VICTIMS.  Oh, btw my blog is still up but it would appear that you have been silenced by Phil Gonot, WTG PHIL.  I hope you do us all a favor and take those same Jimmy Choos and walk on over to City of Deerfield Beach City Hall, give a press conference and admit your collusion with Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, Marty Popelski and Burgess Hanson in their attempts to defraud and exploit the tax payers of this Deerfield Beach.   

David Cody
David Cody

He`s home licking his wounds.  First his  attempt at a 2nd appointment to the housing authority is thwarted and then the lawsuit and settlement by Phil Gonot`s brother.  The last two weeks have been horrible for Chaz "the Genius" Stevens.  I on the other hand am doing great!  

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