Gov. Rick Scott Attempts to Show Inner Charlie Crist

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By Kate Bradshaw
Scott walks into a greasy spoon and orders an ice water.
Rick Scott walks into the Floridian diner on Las Olas about noon today for a photo-op lunch with South Florida lawmakers. There's an odd funk in the air, sort of a mix between French fries and kitty litter.

He walks halfway through the main dining room, its walls plastered with framed photos, mostly Marilyn Monroe and other various pinups. He stops in front of a reporter and asks if she'd like a photo with him. Behind him is a framed collage of asses. No, the reporter says,  and Scott moves on to a room painted a mossy green.

Here, the dining tables form an outward-facing U-shape. A handful of state lawmakers -- nowhere near the full-blown legislative delegation the news release advertised -- eventually find a seat at the table.

"My goal is basically to hear from y'all," Gov. Rick Scott tells them.

The small talk doesn't go on for long before Democratic state Sen. Eleanor Sobel asks the governor what he could have possibly been thinking when ending water-quality testing at beaches across the state.

A waitress takes their orders. Scott asks for just ice water. The checks are separate.

Democratic State Rep. Joe Gibbons says the GOP spent way too much time on ideological lawmaking and zero on jobs. Republican Rep. Bill Hagersaid lowering the corporate income tax has everything to do with jobs. "Call up Texas," he says. "Call up Texas." A brief spar ensues, during which Scott briefly steps into the fray to interject that nearly 86,000 jobs have been created in Florida since he took office.

When education comes up, Sobel tells Scott schools can't measure student progress solely through standardized tests, to which he awkwardly replies, "I want everybody to get jobs."
This spurs another brief spar between Gibbons and Hager.

Scott press secretary Amy Graham leads reporters outside onto the sidewalk, where the governor actually talks to the media. He answers a few questions on his jobs claims. And he explains why he skipped lunch: "Well, you know, if you're talking, you don't have time. And I hate it because, you know, you're in the middle of a meal and you're talking," he said.

Asked whether today's lunch is just an effort to revamp his Mr. Burnsesque image, he says, "You know, I started doing this right when I got elected."

Shortly thereafter, he hops back into a black SUV.

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Michael Arnold
Michael Arnold

Reporter: Gov. Scott what about the jobs you promised, and can you please show us where those 86k jobs you claim to have created are at? Gov. Slick Rick Scott: "I like turtles."

diane dover
diane dover

rick scott is doing what needs to be done to get the state fiscally in shape and the takers don't get it. they will happily kill the  goose then wonder where the the rich are hiding all the gold, bah!

Christopher Jahn
Christopher Jahn

It's a shame the waitress didn't tell him that if he wasn't going to order, he couldn't sit at a table.


It's funny and insulting at the same time when this prick and his republicans aholes in Tallahassee fook everyone in the last legislative session then soon after attempt to tell us all is well and forgotten.

It reminds me of an abusive spouse/lover coming back with assurances of changed, asking forgiveness and a fresh start after kicking the shit out of you.

Stefan Kamph
Stefan Kamph

That picture of him with the wall of asses will be forever missed. Luckily, though, there's a framed New Times cover behind him in this shot.


rep sobel actually appears to be turning into something of a badass between that & going after pam bondi...


Lets repeat things that aren't true until everybody believes it!

So sad to hear you people spew this shit out like it's a fact, no one but you mindless followers are buying it. Go talk to all the people losing their jobs in this state.

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