Two Boys, Ages 14 and 16, May Be Charged as Adults in Accidental Killing of Their Accomplice

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The State Attorney's Office is considering whether to charge two boys -- ages 14 and 16 -- as adults after police say one of them accidentally shot and killed their wheelman yesterday as the trio was allegedly about to embark on a crime spree in Boynton Beach.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says 15-year-old Gian Davis was driving a black BMW 3-series that was stolen out of Coconut Creek when one of his buddies in the back seat shot him through the seat after playing with a gun.

Police say the boys tried to drag Davis across a Boynton Beach apartment complex after he was shot and told police they were the victims of a robbery when authorities arrived at the scene.

Davis died shortly thereafter, and the two boys admitted what happened, the cops say.

Police haven't announced the names of the two boys but have said they intend to charge them with second-degree murder -- since they were allegedly in commission of a felony when the shooting occurred -- as well as conspiring to commit residential burglaries.

The State Attorney's Office now has a few weeks -- while the boys are held in juvie holdup without bond -- to decide whether to charge the youngsters as adults.

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But..but...but, they were too young to own guns.... 

murder is probably a stretch.... manslaughter is probably more reasonable...  then again, that car didn't steal itself...


More evidence that the State Prosecutor's office in Broward is incompetent assholes who go limp wristed when an establishment crook is caught, but never pass up an opportunity to throw the book at minorities or minors.

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

We don't allow minors to have adult privileges because they haven't developed the maturity to make decisions based on sound knowledge and information.  How do we justify charging them as adults????  They truly do not have the maturity to comprehend the significance of their decisions.

matt gordon
matt gordon

An established crook knows their game and likely has an attorney who will challenge them to actually meet that pesky 'reasonable doubt' part of a trial. A win is a win on the score card, and more than two juveniles together for a crime must be like early christmas presents for them. Also notice how they arbitrarily apply that felony murder option, deciding to apply it varies so much one might think it is based on mood swings.

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