Donald Trump Feels Compelled to Rant About Palm Beach International Airport (Video)

Donald Trump has what the youngsters are calling "First World problems," as characterized by his new YouTube video complaining about a planned runway at Palm Beach International Airport, saying it's a "total joke."

Coming from a man who owns a $100 million private jet, this guy really hates airports for no reason. He's said LaGuardia is a "Third World" airport, sued the Palm Beach airport for being too noisy, and now he's complaining about a new runway in Palm Beach.

The video of Trump's 90-second rant on the "billion-dollar boondoggle" that's planned at the airport after the jump:

Trump also posted another video yesterday, explaining why he thinks China sucks, which you can find on his YouTube page.

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He has a point about the $1 biilion boondoggle. Ricky Scott gave back a couple of billion for high speed rail, but not a peep of opposition to runway expansion. Anyone see a conflict or collusion here?

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