Donald Trump Feels Compelled to Rant About Palm Beach International Airport (Video)

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Donald Trump has what the youngsters are calling "First World problems," as characterized by his new YouTube video complaining about a planned runway at Palm Beach International Airport, saying it's a "total joke."

Coming from a man who owns a $100 million private jet, this guy really hates airports for no reason. He's said LaGuardia is a "Third World" airport, sued the Palm Beach airport for being too noisy, and now he's complaining about a new runway in Palm Beach.

The video of Trump's 90-second rant on the "billion-dollar boondoggle" that's planned at the airport after the jump:

Trump also posted another video yesterday, explaining why he thinks China sucks, which you can find on his YouTube page.

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He has a point about the $1 biilion boondoggle. Ricky Scott gave back a couple of billion for high speed rail, but not a peep of opposition to runway expansion. Anyone see a conflict or collusion here?

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