Chad Henne Booed Relentlessly at Dolphins Training Camp; Fans Chant for Kyle Orton

It's a general observation that crowds like to boo at things, and Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne is no exception.

The Phinsider is reporting that at last night's "Monday Night Back to Football" event at Sun Life Stadium, around 10,000 fans were in attendance -- many of them booing Henne.

The consensus of Fins fans: "We want Orton."

That would be Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, whom the Dolphins reportedly tried to court before signing Matt Moore.

Apparently there were several incompletions coming from Henne's arm, but he was booed for incompleted passes that weren't exactly his fault either.

There is a fairly noticeable difference between Henne's and Orton's performances last year, as evidenced by the head-to-head comparison below:

Those stats might sound convincing in a quarterback choice, but Orton does not have a fake boobs photo to show off like Henne does.

As most NFL fans would know, if fans aren't behind a team's starting QB, it's going to be a very, very long year.

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the only lowlife around here seems to be you I see frustrated fans that don't want to give up on their team but I'm sure you would have jump ship at the first sign of problems glad their isn't many dolphans like you


I wouldn't call them low lives. Maybe suckers for spending one penny on that sorry ass organization. They keep trotting out feeble qb candidates every year, with the same result.


It just shows you what low lifes the Dolphins fans are.

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