Casey Anthony Gets a Committee in Florida Senate

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Casey Anthony, causin' committee.
In case you haven't been subjected to enough moronic things that have been done in the wake of the Casey Anthony saga, we've got another one for you.

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos announced today that he's creating a select committee to see how state legislation should respond to Casey Anthony's murder acquittal.

"In the wake of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, members of the Florida Senate, as well as concerned Floridians requested the issue of child protection be further examined by the Florida Senate," Haridopolis' office says in a statement. "In response to these requests, the Senate President today announced the creation of a Senate Select Committee on Protecting Florida's Children."

A version of Caylee's Law -- which would make it a felony for a parent not to report his or her child missing within 48 hours -- has already been dropped into the hopper by two state representatives, but the select committee apparently plans to go deeper than that.

Although most people polled in Florida agree with the implementation of a Caylee's Law, there is a response in opposition to the law we've seen floating around the web that says kids go missing all the time, and they don't need government intervention in finding their kids.

"In the Bible, Luke 2:41-50, the 12 year old boy Jesus, was missing for three days and his mother and foster father searched for him during that time without the assistance of government and eventually found him in his Father's house," the seven-point list says. "Caylee's law requires government interference in the normal parental child finding process."

Regardless, the Senate Select Committee on Protecting Florida's Children will be made up of five senators, including Fort Lauderdale Sen. Chris Smith.

In other Casey Anthony hysteria, she was ordered today to return to Orlando within two weeks -- for real this time -- to serve her probation for check fraud.

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I'll be the odd ball here. I actually think Caylees law will hamper the effort of law enforcement who are trying to locate actual missing children who are in harms way. There are thousands upon thousands of children who run away from home. Many of these kids are street wise runaways who could care less if the authorities or their parents are out looking for them. This law would make it mandatory that these runaway missing children are reported as missing. Can you imaging how bogged down law enforcement would be trying to handle all these added cases. People need to stop and realize, Caylee was not missing. If this law had been in effect prior to Caylee being reported missing by her Grandmother, do you think the outcome would have been any different. Do you think she would have been reported as a missing child on the 16th of June 2008 by her mother?

Bubba The Wise
Bubba The Wise

Gee, I thought we had a Florida Department that handled children abuse. No, I was wrong, that department does nothing to protect the children. I guess it is a good idea to have a committee that can also do nothing. Thank you Mike Haridopolos for not having a committee to look into the department that is not protecting our children. I just can't wait to see the results of this new committee.


And all the fallout thanks to the 12 dummies from your back yard.

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