Sea Turtle Who Recovered From Propeller Accident Washes Up Dead. Happy Weekend.

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And now, in incredibly depressing news that makes you shake your fist at the sky and ask why, and realize that any pretenses we had of a symbiotic existence with nature's creatures is pure malarkey and it's only a matter of time until we've ruined the Earth, we turn to the story of old Andre the sea turtle.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the 170-pound green sea turtle was stranded on a sandbar near Juno Beach in June 2010. He was rescued and treated for around a year at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Finally, he was released back into the ocean on August 3.

On Wednesday morning, he was found dead on the shore.

When rescued, Andre had holes in his shell, a collapsed lung, infections, and three pounds of sand stuck in his shell, the Post reports. Officials believe the injuries came from a boat propeller. They had to repair Andre's exposed spinal court before he healed enough to be released back into open waters.

He was found on Hutchinson Island on Wednesday, and identified as Andre by a tag on one of his flippers.

This incredibly depressing, really pointlessly soul-crushing story comes at a time when sea turtles are seeing a little more attention, thanks to the presence of activists at Tuesday's Fort Lauderdale City Commission meeting. They said that Mayor Jack Seiler was effectively "killing baby turtles" by failing to enforce low-lighting regulations that help the young hatchlings' return to the water every summer and fall.

Hatching season is currently underway. We'll bring you some more news about the efforts to save turtles, hopefully a little less of an emotional kick in the groin, in the coming days.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Apparently God's omnipotence doesn't extend to such beautiful animals.  Or maybe Jesus is just really big on turtle soup.


Okay Chaz you do not believe in God.Do you think anybody really cares?Really????No. You do not have the gift of faith. You also do not have the gift of humility, graciousness, forgiveness, appreciation, magnanimity, social or sexual maturity, and perhaps most sadly of all, you do not possess the gift of self awareness. However, you are smarter than the average bear. How many are there in each generation with your IQ?  Five  thousand? Three thousand? One thousand? And, when properly motivated, you write superbly. But here’s the thing. With your (God given) gifts and talents, why are you settling to just divest Deerfield of the vermin that has infested the city?  Why settle for The Herald when you can be Time’s Man of the Year? Why not cure cancer? Eradicate hunger? Ensure safe drinking water for all? You have the brains…and God knows you have the time. You have no wife to come home to, no children you have to attend; heck not even a mortgage payment to make…your time is your own!  You have plenty to spare! Would not solving the world’s crises be a far better use of your time, than say, contacting Tallahassee about my name? (Actually, since we met on a CHAT line, it would have been naïve and foolish of me to have used my actual name and profession silly…besides have you not called yourself “David” on that same chat line?) So Chaz, go for it. .I believe in you!   Be the man you are called to be!  Get yourself on the cover of Time, and I will ship you a case of Astroglide with that case of Purell   


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