New York Times Makes Odd Weed Implication in Tyler Hadley's Alleged Hammer Murder

St. Lucie Sheriff's Office
Tyler Hadley, victim of the illicit drug "marihuana"?
The New York Times has been the recipient of 106 Pulitzer Prizes as one of the most historic newspapers in the country, but the paper's weekend piece about Port St. Lucie's alleged teenaged hammer murderer, Tyler Hadley, was a little strange.

The story -- which ran in the "A" section of Saturday's Times -- references Hadley's history of weed smoking before the alleged murders, making for a Reefer Madness moment that's just downright puzzling.

For half of the story, the Times approached the subject matter of its headline -- "City Is Stunned at Teenager's Arrest in Parents' Deaths" -- but somehow got into an investigation on Hadley smokin' the reefer.

As you may recall, police have said that Hadley, 17, made an invitation for a party at his parents' place on Facebook, then allegedly killed them with a 22-inch-framing hammer, followed by Hadley throwing a 60-person party at the house all night with his parents' corpses on the floor in the other room.

After those initial reports, a friend -- the same friend who had turned Hadley in to the cops after he allegedly showed him the bodies of his parents -- had come out and told reporters that Hadley had taken some ecstasy pills that night.

That led the Pulp's counterpart at our sister paper to the south, Miami New Times, to question if ecstasy was really to blame in Hadley's alleged crimes.

Now, the Gray Lady asks if weed had something to do with it.

The Times says at Hadley's house party, "teenagers and young adults smoked marijuana and drank beer and liquor" and proceeded to talk about Hadley's strange behavior throughout the night.

Then, the Times drops this:

Mr. Hadley's parents were forcing him to go to outpatient drug
rehabilitation, [a neighbor] said, but he continued to smoke marijuana.
He seemed aggravated about it, but nothing more, she said.

The paper talked to Hadley's attorney, who says the boy has a long history of mental illness, then gets back to the weed thing:

Teenagers and young adults here complain of having little or nothing to
do, and marijuana, prescription drugs and parties often fill the void,
they and their parents say. It is not for nothing, these residents
smirk, that their city is sometimes known as "Pot St. Lucie" and "Port
St. Lousy."

Weed could have been a factor in Hadley's alleged crimes, according to anti-marijuana propaganda, but according to reality, this one looks like it just came out of left field.

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This boy must have some kind of heart, or rather I should say heartless. He should be charged as a adult.


Here we go again with the absurd "reefer madness" connection. Any study of the increase use of cannabis within the world and the clear lack of a correlation in increased mental issues invalidates the clear ignorance this report expressed.


Harry Anslinger would be proud.


Mental illness, esp. serious mental illness, and drug use are often correlated.  Why, because people who are suffering from symptoms of mental illness, depression, hearing voices, irrational thoughts, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, etc. often, before they are diagnosed (and after) self medicate with drugs and alcohol. 


I believe this kid has a serious mental disorder he was just beginning to express symptoms of. I am not a psychologist and I do not know him but I've read, in a person with paranoid schizophrenia, cannabis can and will trigger delusions and audio/visual hallucinations; such as the friend who spoke out saying tyler claimed he was hearing voices.

A friend of mine from highschool started expressing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia with violent behavior over the last few years. He has been in and out of mental institutions and is currently in jail for violently attacking his stepmother. It is the scariest thing in the world. He's become a completely different person from the person I knew. I'm not even supposed to be around him at this point. When we were younger, he smoked pot all the time and it was never a problem but as he got older and the symptoms of his disorder started becoming more evident to everyone, any time he would smoke it would trigger an episode.

However, I don't believe that drugs or even violent video games caould have caused this kid to brutalize his parents. I would say this boy was expressing symptoms of some kind of mental disorder that maybe his parents overlooked or didn't know how to confront and maybe his drug-use triggered an episode but maybe, mentally, the kid is fine. He could just be spoiled rotten brat who wanted his way and who wanted to host an alcohol party for underage friends. I'm not sure and I'm not sure I'll ever find out but the New York Times article implying pot had much to do with it really makes me question their credibility as a news source.   

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Odd weed?  I've had Gainesville Green, Maui Wowi, and the kronic.  But "odd weed"?  Next week when I am out in Cali, I'll have to see if that's stocked on the shelves.


The ghost of Randolph Hearst lives on.  Ridiculous that the weed is the devil myth continues on while alcohol surrounds us.

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