Ronald Vinci Thought Girlfriend Was Poisoning Him Before His Death, Warrant Says

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Catherine Pileggi
Another variable has been added to the complex equation that is the murder of 70-year-old multimillionaire Ronald Vinci.

What started as a "suspicious death" when Fort Lauderdale cops were called to the scene of his duct-taped body quickly morphed into a stabbing, shooting, throat-slashing, skull-bashing all-in-one murder, followed by the discovery of the Phil Spector angle -- and now allegedly includes attempted poisoning.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by the Sun-Sentinel, Catherine Pileggi -- Vinci's girlfriend, who's now charged with first-degree murder -- may have been attempting to poison Vinci in the days before his brutal death.

Two months before Vinci died, he was hospitalized for abdominal pains, leading him to tell his friends he believed Pileggi was poisoning him, the paper reports.

The warrant didn't explain much more about the poisoning -- and toxicology reports haven't been released -- although the cops reportedly did verify his hospitalization.

Also included in the search warrant, the Sentinel reports that cops recovered a storage container, diving belts, and coffee grounds from Vinci's house, believed by the cops to be a "thought-out plan of getting rid of the body and concealing the odor of the body."

In an arrest affidavit released previously by Fort Lauderdale cops, Pileggi told police she had blamed Vinci for the "sudden" death of her sister, Angela Pileggi Silverstein, on a Caribbean cruise on December 21, 2009.

Angela is believed to have died from a drug overdose, and it hasn't been said why Catherine would blame Vinci for the death.

Pileggi is currently being held in jail without bond, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

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Just Hang the BITCH!

Sanity Man
Sanity Man

By any standard I am aware of, this woman is mentally ill or defective, certainly unbalanced. No so-called normal person mutilates a body this way, unless his or her brain is scrambled or is drugged up, as O.J. was. I say she needs treatment. Those of you who want to join the lynch mob, line up behind Diane. That's no longer the American way, folks. It's the Klan way.


At least he was spared having his weiner cut off before hand. My wife tells me that these are justified actions brought on by the men themselves!  I'm moving to the guest room and locking the damn door.


Treatment??  She PLANNED this whole disgusting thing out!!!  The so-called American way is to give murderers treatment for their psychological issues?  You realize that you're sympathizing with the murderer by saying that?  What about JUSTICE for Ron and the Vinci family?!  This isn't lynch mob mentality, it's wanting justice to prevail in a legal manner for a woman who intentionally killed someone!


Remember that gal dentist in Houston who ran over her dentist husband--twice to make sure he was dead?

My wife said she had every right to run him over twice since he was fooling around.

I'm awful careful in the driveway these days


There is no justification in butchering a fellow human being, especially one that was financially generous to a woman for 20 years.  I wouldn't be surprised if this witch poisoned her own sister on that boat trip out of jealous rage.  "Wouldn't harm a fly" my a**!  This b**ch deserves to sit in the electric chair!

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