Rick Scott Talks About Selling Soda, Muses Nonsensically on the Role of Government

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Rick Scott held a news conference today at the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association in which said organization presented him with a model of the ship he served on from 1972-74.

According to the Herald's Naked Politics blog, Scott waxed nostalgic about supplementing his government paycheck by hoarding sodas on land and selling them for a 200 percent markup to his comrades in arms. "I made more money selling soft drinks on the ship than I did getting my pay," he told reporters.

This might have been an omen of his preference for private enterprise over big government. But in a weird apparent contradiction of his own values, he romanticized the role of government:

"I just think about how growing up, when my parents didn't have any money, and how government was so aloof and there was no one helping us," Scott said. "In this environment, you can have a positive impact. The two things you hear about is people want to make sure their kids can get an education and that they can get a job. That's what our primary jobs are."

Really? Is this the same guy who's tipping the scales from public to private, making the government seem more "aloof" than ever when it comes to the handicapped, the poor, pregnant mothers, public-transit riders, minorities, prisoners, seniors on Medicaid, the environment (damn those manatees), reporters, and schoolchildren?

He also said he'll be in Aspen for a day during his vacation next week to give a speech to the Republican Governors' Association about "what it's like to go from business to politics."

And then back again.

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The consummate profiteer. He does have an open mind, but Ricky hasn't learned to keep the dark elements a secret. Man has no shame.


So I see that even when Slick Scott was a young man he was already ripping off his fellow countrymen. I wonder if this extra money he was getting by selling sodas at 200% profit , in which he made more money than his regular pay, was ever reported to the IRS? Silly me, we're talking about Slick Scott, of course it wasn't. After ripping off his fellow countrymen and the IRS, he moved on to ripping off Medicare and the citizens of Florida. In a couple of years we will be reading about how much profit he made by selling out the prison system to private companies. 

Once a CROOK, always a CROOK.

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

Scott can always work for Haliburton. They gouged the shit out of American soldiers as well.

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