Rick Scott: "Unless My Wife Tells Me She's Dumping Me, I'm Running for a Second Term."

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Someone get Mrs. Scott on the line.
There aren't many things more spine-chilling than Gov. Rick Scott saying he's already planning on running for a second term -- except maybe the governor hinting that he wants to run for president.

Both of those things came out of his mouth in an interview this weekend, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

If this doesn't already sound horrifying, the context it comes in sounds even worse:

"Unless my wife tells me she's dumping me, I'm running for a second term," Scott said, chuckling and recounting how much he is enjoying the job.

"I love people,'' he said repeatedly. "Some people get energized around people and ideas, policies and stuff like that. I love that stuff."

Now if that didn't knock your socks off, he hasn't even gotten to his president comment yet:

"Governors make good presidents historically because they've had to make tough choices," Scott said, according to the Times.

Considering the bumpy road the governor has driven since he took office just over six months ago, he's being a bit optimistic.

As one of the St. Petersburg Times commenters says, "drug test him NOW! he is way high."

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He might love people but almost every person I have every met hates him. He is shameful. The damage he is doing to the environment will never be forgotten. Stop the Floridapocalypse before it's too late! http://www.floridapocalypse.co...

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

From his private jet, within the walls of his own home, (with a replacement roof ready to be installed), and with all of the sycophants telling him that he's doing a wonderful job, his life is ideal.  Unfortunately, by excluding conversation with media representatives, Mr. Scott  has no idea how most Floridians are living.


The more relevant question is not whether he loves people, but whether they love him back. As he's on a par with W's historic fall from public favor, I'd say he'll be lucky to end his first term without being tarred and feathered and run out of the state on a rail. And that's the future he faces from his own party.

Model Citizen
Model Citizen

When he says he "loves people", he means it within the context of loving to eat them...or more specifically their livers, with fava beans and a nice chianti.

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