Rick Scott Plays Armchair President on Debt-Ceiling Drama

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Gov. Rick Scott is a dreamer
Gov. Rick Scott seems to like the idea of being president of the United States -- he's hinted that he'd make a good president because of the "tough choices" he's made as governor, and now he's playing armchair president from the governor's mansion.

Sunshine State News caught up with Scott talking about the impact on Florida of a federal government shutdown, which is an oft-threatened consequence of the partisan lunacy going down at the Capitol.

The governor's office already did an analysis on what, if any, impact a federal government shutdown would have on the state in April, so Scott decided to let everyone know he has an opinion on national politics too.

Scott says if he had a say in national politics right now -- no surprise here -- he'd be against raising the federal debt ceiling.

Naturally, that's on par with House Speaker John Boehner's thoughts, as he's repeatedly refuted any attempt by President Obama to impose higher taxes on the rich or raise the debt ceiling.

Scott is still a few crying fits away from Boehner status, but he's still behind him by saying that "the nation, which has never failed to pay its bills, is entering new territory" if President Obama doesn't fold to the plan of the House GOP majority.

Getting his mind back on the Sunshine State, Scott told the paper that although the effect of a federal government shutdown "would be minimal," he concedes that he really doesn't know that.

"We'll have to see what they pay and what they don't pay," Scott told Sunshine State News.

A federal government shutdown wouldn't automatically affect federal government assistance to the near-3 million people in Florida who receive some sort of federal help, but it certainly could.

Scott says he believes budget-makers have already planned for such scenarios.

Also remember that when a federal government shutdown was looming in April, the governor was more than happy to remind legislators that the folks at the Capitol somehow forgot about the $1.5 billion in federal funds Scott rejected for the high-speed train.

"I am proud to have brought this waste to the attention of those in Washington," Scott said at the time. "These funds should either be returned to taxpayers as tax cuts or applied to reducing the burden that our national debt is passing to future generations."

It looks like rejecting the improvement of his own state's infrastructure didn't help too much in Washington anyway.

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your name say's it all ratman...people who hate have no fact's they just call name's and hope somehow it will make them right....grow up.

Mitch Seizure
Mitch Seizure

Scott is at least as qualified to be president as the syeaming pile that you liberals elected in 2008. 


i love rick scott, he is doing what i voted for him to do. you lib's can cry all you want, but the fact is, to address some of you, unemployment in this state has fallen every month since he took office, the rail was a pet project of the socialist obama, any cost over what is givin falls on florida taxpayers. with that in mind, ask yourself what rail or transportation line the government run's with a profit?...none!...how many today run in the red and need taxpayers help?...all! so rick scott won't take that chance with my money...thanks rick! and rejecting our money from the fed was done for a good reason, that's worth it to me, he showed the waste of all americans money, we did not ask for the rail line it was forced on us and were told we had to take it, instead of using the money the way florida would want to use it, and later as the money was givin to florida if we did not do what this socialist fed government wanted they would withold it as the project went on till we did. so hate all you want or use yor head, he is good for florida even if you can't tell

Ga Vey
Ga Vey

"he's hinted that he'd make a good president because of the "tough choices" he's made as governor"

My governor is delusional. His first political office and he has had it for what? 8 months and he thinks he is qualified to be president. My dog is better qualified than he is.


Stupid. The money will still be spent, it just won't be spent in Florida. Florida is a donor state and only receives $0.80 on each dollar contributed for federal aid projects. I think it is malfeasance for a governor to reject any opportunity to get his state's money back.

Scott may be an expert in ripping off medicare, but he is a rank amateur as a politician. He didn't even bother to go through the motions to hide the fact that he was appeasing his base and returning political favors,



I still wonder why everyone called it turning down federal money, when it was just a down payment on a really huge bill the florida tax payers would end up paying.

then there is the logic in a high speed rail between miami and orlando or orlando and tamp.

it just wont save that much time, and will cost more than most would pay if they drove.

the only chance I see is tourist using it... and they would be better off renting a car.

would you spend 100 bucks to save 1 hour drive time?  what is it worth?  $50?  $75? now multiply that by the number in your family...  still want to take the train? 

when you get there, then what?  rent a car?  have friend pick you up?

someone needs to explain why it would work... and who will pay to use it.


thank you for proving my point!:)


Scott isn't qualified to carry Obama's jock strap.


Dude, thank you for the super thorough and detailed analysis of the rail system.  Who knew something so complex could be boiled down to a few sentences.  Bravo.

Interesting, a bi-partisian committee reviewed the rail plan and concluded that it would ADD revenue and not cost the state much of anything.  Of course Scott rejected the money BEFORE this review even came out and before the project had been bid out.

But hey, he sure did make his political point at the expense of every Florida citizian.  I guess you don't spend $73 million and not expect some supreme power to go along with your purchase.

Keep drinking that Kool-aid railDude...

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