President Obama Blamed for Stealing All of Marco Rubio's Internets

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Somebody call Al Gore.

Sen. Marco Rubio's official website has been down for nearly an entire day, and the St. Petersburg Times thinks President Barack Obama is to blame.

Obama asked last night that people call all of their legislators to ask them to find a compromise on all this debt-ceiling drama, and Rubio's site went down shortly thereafter.

As possible evidence that Republicans aren't interested in compromise in the debt-ceiling talks, the Times says Sen. Bill Nelson's website didn't go down, "though loading it this morning took a while."

Even though Rubio also called out President Obama on the debt talks, the president's website is doing just fine.

According to the Atlantic, Obama may also be to blame for stealing the interwebs from House Speaker Boehner's website, as well as those belonging to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Here's photographic evidence of Rubio's website being devoid of life:


President Obama, tear down that firewall!

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Christina Nottingham
Christina Nottingham

I'd like to note that it wasn't RUBIO who said that -- it was a newspaper... RUBIO didn't say that the president was responsible for it... 


If the WH did disrupt internet service to these candidates is that not grounds for Impeachment'Pleasssssssse!


lol, all this idiot cares about is his stupid website? Wow, donors and payoff peope cant reach his "donate" button, go figure.


For the conspiracy theorists out there, I suppose it's just as likely that Mr. Rubio disabled his own site to avoid the crush of comments opposing his view of things.


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