Marco Rubio's Brother-in-Law a Convicted Drug Trafficker, Which Is Completely Irrelevant

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Sen. Marco Rubio
Here's a tip: If you're digging up dirt on a politician, try to find something a little filthier than Sen. Marco Rubio's brother-in-law being convicted of drug-trafficking charges when the senator was a 16-year-old kid.

This news, coming from Univision, ranks among Mike Huckabee's kid killing a dog at Boy Scout camp or the cocaine use of our nation's presidents as things that just don't pertain to anything relevant.

Here's the story on Rubio's brother-in-law anyway:

According to Univision, Orlando Cicilia -- married to Rubio's sister Barbara Rubio -- was arrested as part of an antinarcotics operation in Miami in 1987.

Federal prosecutors ordered the seizure of Cicilia's and Barbara Rubio's home on the grounds of a suspected drug conspiracy -- leading to the indictment and eventual 25-year prison sentence for Cicilia for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, the news outlet reports.

Univision says Cicilia was linked to a "crime ring implicated in the death and dismemberment of a federal informant, as well as the bribing of several Miami police officers."

What this has to do with Sen. Rubio, we have no idea.

But Univision attempts to make that link.

"Rubio's older sister Barbara was caught up in the year's most significant antinarcotics operation in South Florida," is the way it describes it, with a later sentence -- in bold type -- stating, "Barbara Rubio was not arrested or indicted."

The response from Rubio's camp to the story was pretty appropriate, given the contrived link to the senator:

"Quite simply, the pursuit of this story and the targeting of the Senator's relatives, who are private citizens, is outrageous," said Alex Burgos in a letter to Univision CEO Randy Falco seeking to kill the story. "They do not hold public office and are unrelated in every way to his service in the United States Senate."

This story isn't really necessary, but it's not unfounded.

The Washington Post has recently contended that Rubio is a "caricature" and a "sell out" to the Hispanic community and that said Hispanic community doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly happy with Rubio at the moment.

Is this a way for the Hispanic community to get back at Rubio for turning his back to them? We'll file that under "maybe."

Was it a completely unnecessary move? That goes in the "probably" file.

Click here to watch Univision's report on Rubio's brother-in-law.

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You are missing the whole point here. Rubio among other GOPers and tea-baggers is pinning the drug trafficking on illegal immigrants from Mexico. Univision is just saying that such is not the case.

Is not about airing dirty laundry, is about underscoring hypocrisy. You would think that of all media outlets the New Times would have realized that.


There are no statute of limitations on murder no matter how many years 24 or not (murder is murder) and there is always guilt by association. And yes I uphold the right to be angered at such stupid comments posted on this subject since I happen to be the son of the dismembered and cremated Informant. In my trying to find out more than tabloid gossip, the government (Rubio) or not has barricaded every attempt.  So until you have lived the life of some Hollywood #1 crime show keep your comments contained because at times certain words can show your ignorance.


This is ridiculous to bring up....24 years ago.  Senator Rubio had nothing to do with that situation.  However I am disappointed to hear that he is moving toward a protestant church even though he is supposedly attending Mass in a Catholic Church where he grew up.  He will need to decide which religion he intends to follow if he is considering a run for the White House, whether as a Presidental candidate or Vice-Presidental candidate.

Vicentico de cuba
Vicentico de cuba

If you are a public person, elected by people's vote you can not invite an ex-com to your oath (Fl speker of the house) or invite him to the election night remark.Oath of Office AdministeredChief Justice R. Fred Lewis, Florida Supreme Court, administered the Oathof Office to the Speaker.Rep. Bogdanoff: Congratulations, Speaker Rubio. As I introduce familymembers and other guests, will they please stand. Members and guests, if you could hold your applause until the end.Speaker Rubio's parents, Mario and Oria Rubio; brother and sister-in-law,Mario and Sue Rubio; sister and brother-in-law, Barbara and Orlando Cicilia; and sister and brother-in-law, Veronica and Carlos Ponce. Congratulations.

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