Fake-Bomb-Loaded-Hearse Suspect Says He's Suing Everybody, Leaves Great MySpace Photos

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Lee Lewis' hearse
Friday rush-hour traffic going through Miami typically isn't much of a surprise, except for this past Friday, when the stand-still traffic was caused by a hearse with green neon lights and a backseat full of fake guns and a fake anti-tank rocket.

That scene, allegedly perpetrated by 28-year-old Hollywood resident Lee Lewis, shut down the Palmetto Expressway for more than five hours and led his arrest on charges of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, possession of methadone, and driving with a suspended license.

In a hearing to set his bond, Lewis was ordered to undergo a mental-health evaluation after letting the judge know, "Everything is getting dropped, and I'm suing everybody," according to the Miami Herald.

But you can't really get to know a criminal suspect without some great MySpace information.

According to Lewis' profile, his occupation is listed as "Fireplay entertainer and fetish model," and he would like to meet Quentin Tarantino, as well as "a pair of sadistic, yet playful and sweet Asian girls that want to dominate and be dominated."

His photos include some interesting leather outfits and hanging out in a cemetery, playing with fire, and being whipped while suspended from chains:

MySpace caption: "What's your safety word?"

MySpace caption: "Professional suspension display. (No one was harmed in this photo, MySpace!)"
Lewis' criminal history includes battery, grand theft, and drug possession.

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This is just wrong..... I know him personally and hes not a bad guy..as it said all the things were fake... so what is the big deal of what his intrests are... god ppl get over it and get a life :)!

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