International I Hate LeBron Day (Video Version)

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Many hilarious videos were made in his honor.
This weekend, as dusk gathered before the fireworks on July 4, a group of my friends went to play basketball in a West Palm Beach park. A lone player was shooting hoops on the court beside us. He was short, with a compact frame and reddish hair, and he wore an unmistakable wine-colored Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, number 23.

I stared for a minute, but no one else seemed to care. A year ago, those jerseys were being burned in the streets of Cleveland. By now, the furor has mostly died down in South Florida. Despite the Heat's loss in the NBA finals, many Miami fans are proud to call LeBron James their own.

But in the rest of the country, it's a different story. To celebrate the first anniversary of James' infamous ESPN "The Decision" special, more than 10,500 people have signed up for a Facebook event called "International I Hate LeBron Day." In their honor -- and to amuse the loyal blog readers who detest my writings on LeBron -- I compiled some of the funniest videos that came out in "The Year of Hating LeBron." Enjoy.

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And people wonder why print journalism is literally dying... If this constitutes as relatively worthy of taking up even five inches of the slim-to-none page space limited to newspapers, both print and online versions, I'm glad I've opted out early. This is just embarressing; then again it is New Times... And PS: As Wade says, "haters gonna hate!"

oh shit
oh shit

  FHP: Parkland man killed in I-95 crash through Boca Raton

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

Why? Why is this in the NewTimes? Oh yeah, because this is the paper that says Dwyane Wade got what he deserved. I can't take this paper's anti-Heat stance any longer. It just makes me too angry on an otherwise beautiful Friday morning. I should be working instead of commenting anyway.

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