Howard Stern Rips on Fort Lauderdale Sponsor Over Game With Porn Star and iPad 2

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Leave the details of porn-star games to Howard Stern; he's kind of an old hand at it.
Shock-jock Howard Stern never seems to have a problem voicing his opinion, but unfortunately for one of his show's sponsors -- Fort Lauderdale-based Citrix Systems Inc. -- he decided to rip on them today.

Stern reportedly had a thing or two to say about their marketing strategy today on his SiriusXM show, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Citrix was sponsoring a game in which a listener trying to win an iPad 2 by relying on a presumably brain-dead porn star to recognize celebrities.

Stern's problem with the game, apparently, was that Citrix was trying to promote two of its products -- GoToMeeting and GoToMyPC -- at the same time.

Citrix advertises on several popular radio shows, like the Adam Carolla Show, which typically opens with a plug for GoToMeeting.

But Stern reportedly wasn't happy about the fact that Citrix wanted him to drop two products at the same time.

"Stern said it didn't make sense for the company to advertise two products in one spot," the Journal says.

He also said that other companies, like Procter & Gamble, just stick to one product for the ads.

A rift between Citrix and Stern probably wouldn't be the biggest problem in the world.

According to its website, Citrix pulled in $1.87 billion last year, thanks to its cloud computing and software products.

Apparently today's show wasn't as exciting as yesterday's, which included Lady Gaga talking about how much she used to love cocaine.

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