Guy DiBona, Good Samaritan, Needs Your Help With Medical Bills

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Police say that Brian Krebs, pictured, killed one man and attacked five others.
A man who tried to break up an April 17 bar brawl that left one man stabbed to death and five others injured has learned that being a Good Samaritan comes at a high price.

Guy DiBona, 44, was one of the Fishtales patrons who tried to subdue Brian Krebs. Police say that Krebs, 38, fatally knifed Jimmy Pagano in the neck and slashed five other Fishtales customers who tried to stop him -- including DiBona.

Krebs, DiBona recently told New Times, stabbed him in his upper thigh. DiBona almost died from blood loss. But the surgery DiBona needed to save his life wound up putting him $20,000 in debt, because he doesn't have health insurance.

Now he's asking the community to help raise money for his medical bills.

If you're interested in donating money for DiBona's care, a benefit is planned for July 10 at Blue Martini's Sunrise Boulevard location.

The fundraiser takes place from 2 to 5 p.m. The event, which will feature local bands and discounted food and drinks, costs $10. All proceeds will go toward DiBona's health care, organizers say.

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I'm pretty sure if he applied to the state that he would have his bills covered by the Victim Compensation Assistance Fund.  Just a thought!

Neon Leon
Neon Leon

In the Tea Party world DiBona didn't deserve any health care treatment because he can't afford that service.


A worthy cause. Sounds like it will be a really nice event.  It's sad he needs a fund raiser. I hope there's a large turnout and all his medical bills are raised.


believe you will love it.

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