Five Female Killers Hotter Than Casey Anthony

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​Lock up your sons!

Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty in the death of her 2-year-old, is going to leave jail July 17. And if the pics of her boozing it up that circulated the web are even half true, we know that she's probably going to be partying hard but that she's definitely going to be lookin' fly

If you happen to run into Anthony, however, don't be seduced by her bedroom eyes, petite frame, silky mane, and criminal record (she was convicted of lying to cops). There are far foxier female jailbirds out there, and they've actually been convicted of killing people.

Click to see the Pulp's selection of photogenic, bad lasses. 

Eurotrip gone terribly, terribly wrong.
Amanda Knox

While studying abroad in Italy in 2007, this baby-faced Seattle native killed her British roommate. Knox is appealing... the charges. 

Some Like It Hot.
Ruth Ellis

This dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe shot and killed her hard-drinking, abusive lover in 1955. She was the last woman executed in the U.K. 

Blow+Gun=Bad Idea.
Claudine Longet

This sultry French chanteuse claims that she didn't mean to shoot her boyfriend, Olympic skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich, in his Colorado residence. But Longet, who'd tested positive for cocaine use at the time of the accident, couldn't convince a jury that she was completely innocent -- she was convicted of criminal negligence. 

Listens to "Poison."
Kristin Rossum

Sure, she did stupid, stupid things: Rossum was said to have had a nasty meth habit, and a jury convicted her in 2002 of giving her hubby a lethal dose of fentanyl. But the "American Beauty Killer" also has brains: She was a toxicologist, and that takes a lot of studying, or something.

Blondes Don't Have More Fun.
Karla Homolka

This Canadian pleaded guilty to murdering and raping several teenaged girls -- including her own sister -- alongside her hubby. She got only 12 years' jail time in what was referred to as a "deal with the devil" plea arrangement. 

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Fentanyl Abuse
Fentanyl Abuse

Five Female Killers Hotter Than Casey Anthony. 1309388653-66.jpg. Lock up your sons! Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty in the death of her two-year .


I honestly can't believe the paper would even consider this a story.  What is wrong here?


I'm disgusted by Disgusted

Valerie M Baumgartner
Valerie M Baumgartner

I don't believe Amanda Knox is guilty...

John Doe
John Doe

The only thing Amanda is guilty of is being someone who should definitely be making hot porn videos when she is found not guilty and returns to the US!

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

I actually never knew that about Claudine Longet.


Claudine would boink anything that moved; ask Andy.....

Tim Phillips
Tim Phillips

Wow what a completely tasteless article. Oh, look, it's from Florida.

John Doe
John Doe

I know, with the Radical Christian Right running the show in Broward County, the same people against any adult entertainment, adult websites, adult toys, etc etc, it's amazing how risque this article is. Maybe things are looking up in that opressive, psychotic religious area!


These killer babes would be hotter if there were photos of them naked

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