Ellisa Martinez, in Prison for Joyce Kaufman-Driven Broward Schools Lockdown, Speaks Out

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Ellisa Martinez
Ellisa Martinez -- the woman who recently received a two-year prison sentence after sending a threatening email to right-wing radio host Joyce Kaufman, leading to the lockdown of more than 300 Broward County schools -- has finally given her side of the story in the incident.

Martinez -- who hasn't spoken publicly since her arrest, aside from a statement prepared by her attorney after she pleaded guilty sent the Pulp a letter from the Federal Detention Center in Miami -- says the email she sent was meant as "obvious sarcasm."

The email, in which Martinez feigned Tea Party-alignment with Kaufman and mentioned she was planning "something big" at several places in Broward County, wasn't quite interpreted as sarcasm.

The judge in her case reportedly said Martinez was attempting to induce "maximum havoc," although Martinez disagrees.

Martinez, who practices Buddhism, says she's never owned a gun and doesn't support violence for conflict resolution.

"Be clear that I am not antigovernment," she says. "The email was in fact making fun of people who are."

Unfortunately for Martinez, federal authorities didn't interpret her email that way.

"It never occurred to me at the time that such a response could be taken literally within its context," she says. "I regret and have apologized to the court and have spent over half a year in a federal detention center for the unexpected drama and confusion that followed on that day."

Martinez blames Kaufman's "hateful comments" about ethnic groups and the "if ballots don't work, bullets will" statement she made at a Tea Party rally -- which Martinez says she "took as voter intimidation, threatening to peaceful and fair elections in the state of Florida."

"The fact is, the email in this case was nothing more than a satire of Mrs. Kaufman's loose canon [sic], anti-government gun talk," she says.

She also points the finger at several South Florida news outlets, Joyce Kaufman's WFTL in particular, for "misinforming the public" and leading to the hysteria surrounding her case.

Check out Martinez's letter below:

Ellisa Martinez Letter

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Tea Party must never sleep. Joyce got her moment of fame at someone else's expense. She incited and walked. Niiiiice. Guilty by over reaction. Long live the Patriot Act ( sarcasm button is on ).

First Hand
First Hand

It's everyone's fault but hers. Nobody is ever wrong anymore, its always somebody else's fault.


If I catch your drift, you mean Joyce Kaufmann is never wrong?

Bubba The Wise
Bubba The Wise

Are we paying for the computers and Internet access to prisoners? Prison has been the home of many frauds, including identity theft, tax fraud and medical fraud. Providing computers for training may be ok, but I draw the line at Internet access.

First Hand
First Hand

No, my drift is that people no longer accept responsibly for their own actions. Joyce Kaufmann did not make the school threats, this woman ( Ellisa Martinez ) personally chose to make the threats she made. Now, she wants to blame her actions on everyone else. Buddhism does not teach excuse making for ones own actions; so this woman is not really a Buddhist. She is a really stupid person who refuses to take responsibility for her own actions.KennyPowersII, I am saddened that you reading comprehension is so poor that you can not comprehend my drift.

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