Donald Trump Owes $200,000 After Booting Man From Golf Club for Talking Too Loudly

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Oh, the squabbles between millionaires and billionaires.

A Florida Circuit Judge ruled last week that billionaire Donald Trump has to repay 77-year-old Harry Theodoracopulos $200,000 after Trump wrongly gave him the boot from the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach in 2009, according to the Daily Mail.

Trump reportedly kicked out Theodoracopulos, who's reportedly worth around $600 million, after he allegedly talked too loudly on the driving range, verbally abused caddies, and generally was "a cancer on any club he goes to."

According to the Palm Beach Post, the judge ruled that Trump had "overstepped his bounds" after kicking Theodoracopulos out and hanging on to his $200,000 membership deposit.

The Donald's attorneys say they plan on appealing the ruling, as he might also be faced with Theodoracopulos' legal bill.

Theodoracopulos, described as a hot-tempered Greek shipping heir, said he was humiliated by Trump's banning of him and never got a chance to defend himself against the allegations.

Trump told the New York Post last year that Theodoracopulos was "very abusive" and said, "We don't want him back."

In that letter from Trump banning Theodoracopulos from his club, he also accused Theodoracopulos of holding a golf club to a caddy's face for talking too loudly, in which Trump said he was "doing my best to hold off harassment lawsuits against you."

Here's the original pompous letter Trump sent to Theodoracopulos:

Trump Letter

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I can't stand the donald but i highly doubt this greek guy is a saint - from the sound of it he might be an even bigger douche.. ok ok, maybe thats pushing it but he is still at least a AAA Douche if not in the Majors with 'The Donald'

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